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Packages that use ContextMenu
oracle.ide.ceditor The Code Editor package contains the code editing implementation of the JDeveloper IDE. 
oracle.ide.db.transfer.generate Contains classes that control the targets available for generating database objects to in the IDE. 
oracle.ide.editor Contains classes and interfaces that allow addins to add their own specialized editors to JDeveloper. 
oracle.ide.explorer Contains the interfaces and classes addins use to provide a structured view of data contained in nodes displayed in a navigator or an editor. 
oracle.ide.log Contains the interfaces and classes that allow addins to provide their own log pages. 
oracle.ide.navigator Contains classes providing navigator support. 
oracle.ide.palette2 Contains interfaces and classes that allow for palette integration. 
oracle.ide.runner Contains classes that allow addins some level of control on the IDE runner system. 
oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi Contains extension-level service provider interfaces for version control system integraton. 
oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.util Contains assorted stateless utilities for version control system integraton. 

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.ide.ceditor

Methods in oracle.ide.ceditor that return ContextMenu
 ContextMenu CodeEditorGutterView.getContextMenu()
static ContextMenu CodeEditorGutter.getGutterContextMenu()
          Fetch the ContextMenu instance that will be used for the CodeEditorGutter.

Methods in oracle.ide.ceditor with parameters of type ContextMenu
 void CodeEditorController.menuWillHide(ContextMenu popup)
 void CodeEditorController.menuWillShow(ContextMenu popup)
          Called just before the context menu is popping up.
 void CodeEditorGutter.showMarkDropdownMenu(ContextMenu contextMenu, java.awt.event.MouseEvent event, GutterMark mark, int line)
          Utility routine to show a context menu for a specific mark.

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.ide.controller

Methods in oracle.ide.controller with parameters of type ContextMenu
 void ContextMenuListener.menuWillHide(ContextMenu contextMenu)
          This method is called just before a showing context menu is dismissed.
 void ContextMenuListener.menuWillShow(ContextMenu contextMenu)
          Called just before the context menu is shown.

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.ide.db.transfer.generate

Methods in oracle.ide.db.transfer.generate with parameters of type ContextMenu
static javax.swing.JMenu GenerateController.createGenerateMenu(ContextMenu cm, java.lang.String name, GenerateController controller)
          Creates a submenu for the given ContextMenu for all the registered generate options.

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.ide.editor

Methods in oracle.ide.editor that return ContextMenu
abstract  ContextMenu EditorManager.getContextMenu()
          Get the ContextMenu to be shared by all Editors.
 ContextMenu Editor.getContextMenu()

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.ide.explorer

Methods in oracle.ide.explorer that return ContextMenu
 ContextMenu Explorer.getContextMenu()
abstract  ContextMenu ExplorerManager.getContextMenu()
          Get the ContextMenu to be shared by all explorer windows.
 ContextMenu AbstractTreeExplorer.getContextMenu()

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.ide.log

Methods in oracle.ide.log that return ContextMenu
 ContextMenu DefaultLogPage.getContextMenu()
          Gets the ContextMenu object, if any, managed by this instance.
 ContextMenu MessagePage.getContextMenu()
          Gets the ContextMenu object, if any, managed by this instance.
 ContextMenu AbstractLogManager.getContextMenu()
abstract  ContextMenu LogManager.getContextMenu()
          Get the ContextMenu.

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.ide.navigator

Methods in oracle.ide.navigator that return ContextMenu
abstract  ContextMenu NavigatorManager.getContextMenu()
          Get the ContextMenu to be shared by all Editors.

Methods in oracle.ide.navigator with parameters of type ContextMenu
static void NavigatorConstants.removeNewMenuItem(ContextMenu menu)
          Deprecated. Removes the "New..." menu item from the specified context menu, if it is present.
protected  void ProjectNavigatorWindow.showPopupInBlankSpace(ContextMenu contextMenu, java.awt.event.MouseEvent e)

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.ide.palette2

Methods in oracle.ide.palette2 that return ContextMenu
abstract  ContextMenu PaletteWindow.getContextMenu()

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.ide.runner

Methods in oracle.ide.runner that return ContextMenu
abstract  ContextMenu Debugger.getContextMenu()
          Returns the ContextMenu that the debugger uses in debugger windows.

Methods in oracle.ide.runner with parameters of type ContextMenu
abstract  void Debugger.addRunAndDebugToContextMenu(ContextMenu popup, Context context)

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.ide.view

Methods in oracle.ide.view that return ContextMenu
 ContextMenu ViewDecorator.getContextMenu()
 ContextMenu View.getContextMenu()

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.jdeveloper.history

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.history that return ContextMenu
 ContextMenu HistoryManager.getContextMenu()
          Get the context menu that is displayed in the history viewer.

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.changelist

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.changelist that return ContextMenu
 ContextMenu ChangeListWindow.getContextMenu()
          Get the changelist's context menu.

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.changelist with parameters of type ContextMenu
protected  void ChangeListContextMenuListener.addCategoryMenuItems(ContextMenu popup)
protected  void ChangeListWindow.addContextMenuListeners(ContextMenu contextMenu)
          Add listeners to the context menu.
protected  void ChangeList.addContextMenuListeners(ContextMenu contextMenu)
protected  javax.swing.JMenu ChangeListContextMenuListener.addMenuItemBaseCompare(ContextMenu popup)
protected  void ChangeListContextMenuListener.addMenuItemCompare(ContextMenu popup)
protected  void ChangeListContextMenuListener.addMenuItemCopyFileList(ContextMenu popup)
protected  void ChangeListContextMenuListener.addMenuItemPreferences(ContextMenu popup)
protected  void ChangeListContextMenuListener.addMenuItemRefresh(ContextMenu popup)
protected  void ChangeListContextMenuListener.addMenuItemSelectInNavigator(ContextMenu popup)
protected  IdeAction ChangeListContextMenuListener.getLocalAction(ContextMenu popup, int cmdId)
 void ChangeListContextMenuListener.menuWillHide(ContextMenu popup)
          This method is called just before a showing context menu is dismissed.
 void ChangeListContextMenuListener.menuWillShow(ContextMenu popup)
          Called just before the context menu is shown.
protected  void ChangeListContextMenuListener.menuWillShowImpl(ContextMenu popup)
protected  void ChangeListWindow.removeContextMenuListeners(ContextMenu contextMenu)
          Removes listeners from the context menu.
protected  void ChangeList.removeContextMenuListeners(ContextMenu contextMenu)

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.changeset

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.changeset with parameters of type ContextMenu
protected  void ChangeSetChangeList.ChangeSetContextMenuListener.addCategoryMenuItems(ContextMenu popup)
protected  void ChangeSetChangeList.addContextMenuListeners(ContextMenu contextMenu)
protected  void ChangeSetChangeList.removeContextMenuListeners(ContextMenu contextMenu)

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi with parameters of type ContextMenu
 void VCSContextMenuListener.menuWillHide(ContextMenu popup)
 void VCSContextMenuListener.menuWillShow(ContextMenu popup)

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.util

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.util with parameters of type ContextMenu
static javax.swing.JMenuItem VCSMenuUtils.addDynamicMenuItem(ContextMenu menu, int cmdId, float section)
static javax.swing.JMenuItem VCSMenuUtils.addMenuItem(ContextMenu menu, int cmdId, float section)
static javax.swing.JMenuItem VCSMenuUtils.addMenuItem(ContextMenu menu, ToggleAction action, float section)
static void VCSMenuUtils.registerContextMenuForCompare(ContextMenu contextMenu)
static void VCSMenuUtils.registerContextMenuForReplace(ContextMenu contextMenu)

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.jdeveloper.webapp.navigation

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.webapp.navigation with parameters of type ContextMenu
 void NavigationMenuManager.registerContextMenu(ContextMenu contextMenu)
          Registers the ContextMenu to use the navigation menu.
 void NavigationMenuManager.registerContextMenu(ContextMenu contextMenu, float sectionId)
          Registers the ContextMenu to use the navigation menu.

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.log

Methods in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.log that return ContextMenu
 ContextMenu AuditLogPage.getContextMenu()

Methods in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.log with parameters of type ContextMenu
 void AuditLogPanel.menuWillHide(ContextMenu menu)
 void AuditLogPanel.menuWillShow(ContextMenu menu)

Uses of ContextMenu in oracle.jdevimpl.esdk.migration

Methods in oracle.jdevimpl.esdk.migration with parameters of type ContextMenu
 void MigrationContextMenuListener.menuWillHide(ContextMenu contextMenu)
 void MigrationContextMenuListener.menuWillShow(ContextMenu popup)

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