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Package oracle.ide.controls

Contains classes implementing the basic graphical controls, such as, toolbars, toolbar buttons, status bars, tabbed windows, used by JDeveloper.


Interface Summary
AbstractPicker.PickerResultValidator The interface defining Validators for AbstractPicker browse actions.
AbstractPicker.PickerValueEncoder The interface defining Encoders for AbstractPicker values.
DragComponentListener A listener class for DragComponentEvent.
FloatingToolWindow This object is a top level container with a resizable border and, on Windows, no icon in the taskbar.
FocusHierarchyListener A Class class.
GridBagConstants Interface that can be used in an "implements" clause to make GridBagConstraints constants readily available.
KeyNavigationManager.KeyComponentAdapter Deprecated. use uic:oracle.javatools.ui.KeyNavigationManager.KeyComponentAdapter
LabelColorScheme This interface defines methods that are used by the JSelectableLabel class.
MenuToolButton.UpdatableMenuAction Actions on the menu that implement UpdatableMenuAction will have their updateAction method called when the tool button menu is about to be made visible
ProgressTrackedTask A ProgressTrackedTask is a background task which wants the IDE to indicate it's progress in the status bar area.
ProgressTracker The ProgressTracker interface provides a way to have progress indicated in the IDE status bar for background tasks.
SortedTreeTableModel Deprecated. use uic:oracle.javatools.ui.treetable.SortedTreeTableModel
StatusBar StatusBar interface of the Ide.
TabbedWindowListener A TabbedWindowListener class.
ToolbarGroup Toolbar items implement this interface in order to allow access to the action encapsulating their behavior.
ToolbarItem A toolbar item implements this interface in order to allow the Toolbar access to the Action encapsulating its behavior.
TreeTableModel Deprecated. use uic:oracle.javatools.ui.treetable.*

Class Summary
AbstractCellEditor The code in this class is derived from the source from the JTreeTable article that can be found at:
AbstractTreeTableModel Deprecated. use uic:oracle.javatools.ui.treetable.*
ActionMenuToolButton An implementation of a history-style drop-down menu button.
Animator The Animator helps to implement animated transition in swing components.
ArrowIcon An icon that paints an arrow.
ButtonKeyController ButtonKeyController is a utility class that adds keyboard navigation to buttons.
ButtonsLayoutManager A Class class.
ColorIcon The ColorIcon is an Icon implementation that is a simple rectangular shape with a black edge rim, and configurable center fill color.
CopyableJTableAdapter CopyableJTableAdapter provides an utility services for copying table data to the clipboard.
CustomColorChoice The CustomColorChoice is an extension of the Bali ColorChoice with default options set to show a custom palette with editable colors.
DefaultLabelColorScheme DefaultLabelColorScheme uses colors that are appropriate for rendering a JSelectableLabel in a JTree.
DefaultListComboBoxModel The default model for combo boxes.
DefaultListTableModel This is an implementation of TableModel that uses a List of Lists to store the cell value objects.
DescriptionScrollPane Implements a multi-line, scrollable, uneditable text area, suitable for displaying a textual description for an item selected in another UI component (such as a list).
DoubleClickTrigger This class is used for detecting the occurence of a double-click.
DragComponentEvent The event sent when a component is dragged.
DropDownMenuButton An implementation of a two-state button that shows a drop-down JPopupMenu when the button is selected.
FocusableLabel This component displays a text centered vertically and horizontally.
By default, it takes focus when clicked but this behavior can be changed by overriding @{link isFocusTraversable}.
FocusHierarchyDispatcher A Class class.
FocusHierarchyEvent Represents an focus change.
ForegroundSwappedIcon An imageicon that swaps black for whatever the current foreground color is.
GlobalMouseDispatcher Dispatches mouse events happening anywhere in the application.
ItemSelectableTracker The ItemSelectableTracker is a simple class for tracking the state of an ItemSelectable, such as a JCheckBox or JToggleButton so that a dependent group of Components can be enabled or disabled when the state of the ItemSelectable changes.
JAutoScrollPane This class implements an extension of JScrollPane that autoscrolls automatically whenever the content of the JScrollPane increases.
JComboCardPanel The JComboCardPanel looks like this:
JFastTreeTable Deprecated. use uic:oracle.javatools.ui.treetable.*
JLabeledCheckBox A checkbox with an icon and label.
JLabeledRadioButton A radio button with an icon and label.
JLabelListCellRenderer The JlabelListCellRenderer can be used as the cell renderer for a JList or JComboBox whose model consists of JLabel objects.
JMultiLineLabel The JMultiLineLabel is a subclass of MultiLineLabel that is intended to be used as a label that wraps.
JNumericSpinBox Deprecated. since 11.1.1 - use JSpinner with a SpinnerNumberModel.
JSelectableLabel This is a subclass of JLabel that is intended to operate within a JLabeledCheckBox.
JTabbedPane2 JTabbedPane2 is equivalent to JTabbedPane with the following additions:
Introduces a workaround for Swing's not-a-bug 4502288: focus not switching to tabbedpane on first mouse click when switching tabs.
JTextComponentUndoSupport A utility class adding undo/redo support to a JTextComponent
JToolButton Deprecated. As of 10.0.3, replaced by JButton for standalone and JToolBar buttons, and replaced by ToolButton for Toolbar buttons.
JTreeTable Deprecated. use uic:oracle.javatools.ui.treetable.*
JWrappedLabel Subclass of MultiLineLabel that is word-wrapped by default and calculates its preferred size based on the layout manager (rather than any particular aspect ratio).
KeyboardRedirector This class is used by IdeAction to freeze the keyboard events during an actionPerformed and release the events when a dialog pops up.
KeyNavigableTree A JTree that handles the incremental search and the tooltip on a component.
KeyNavigationManager Deprecated. use uic:oracle.javatools.ui.KeyNavigationManager
KeyNavigationManager.ListKeyAdapter Deprecated. use uic:oracle.javatools.ui.KeyNavigationManager.ListKeyAdapter
KeyNavigationManager.TableKeyAdapter Deprecated. use uic:oracle.javatools.ui.KeyNavigationManager.TableKeyAdapter
KeyNavigationManager.TreeKeyAdapter Deprecated. use uic:oracle.javatools.ui.KeyNavigationManager.TreeKeyAdapter
LayoutAnimator The LayoutAnimator makes it very easy to animate the transition of components from one position to another.
MenuItem The MenuItem class is a subclass of javax.swing.JMenuItem that has been tuned for improved performance.
MenuToolButton An implementation of a toolbar toggle button that displays a drop-down menu of choices when the button is selected.
NonNullableComboBoxModel The NonNullableComboBoxModel is a simple class for ensuring that a JComboBox will always have an item selected (if that we start with a non-empty list.) This will prevent the user from Control-clicking in the list to unselect the selected item in the JComboBox.
NullableJTextField Subclass of JTextField that returns null from NullableJTextField.getText() if the text field is empty.
OverlayIcon An icon that consists of multiple source icons, painted on top of each other.
PentaLayout PentaLayout is an equivalent to BorderLayout.
RadioKeyController RadioKeyController is a specialized version of ButtonKeyController that will check the JRadioButton in addition to set the focus.
RadioMenuItem The RadioMenuItem class is a subclass of JRadioButtonMenuItem that has been extended to respond to additional PropertyChangeEvent notifications for state changes from the ToggleAction from which it was constructed.
RadioToolButton Deprecated. Replace toolbar radio button groups with MenuToolButton.
RotatingIcon The rotated image of an icon.
ScrollableTabBar A component that provides support for a row of tabs (implemented using CustomTab) with buttons that can be used to scroll between the tabs and access a drop down menu containing a list of all tabs.
SingleRowTabbedPane Deprecated. since 11.1.1.
SingleRowTabbedPaneUI Deprecated. since 11.1.1.
SmallSquareButton A small square button with a rounded border.
SmallSquareDropDownMenuButton Combines the appearance of SmallSquareButton with the behavior of DropDownMeunButton.
SortedJTreeTable Deprecated. use uic:oracle.javatools.ui.treetable.*
StatusBarControl The StatusBarControl class is a simple status text area control.
TabbedWindowEvent A TabbedWindowEvent class.
ThemedStatusBarUI This class is exposed for implementation reasons and should not be used directly by extension developers.
ThinBevel ThinBevel is the same as a BevelBorder, except that its thickness is 1 pixel instead of 2 pixels.
ToggleMenuItem The ToggleMenuItem class is a subclass of JCheckBoxMenuItem that has been extended to respond to additional PropertyChangeEvent notifications for state changes from the ToggleAction from which it was constructed.
ToggleToolButton An implementation of a two-state button specialized for use in an IDE Toolbar.
Toolbar The Toolbar class is a replacement for JToolBar specialized for use in the IDE.
ToolButton An implementation of a toolbar button specialized for use in the IDE Toolbar.
ToolButton.DefaultActionPropertyChangeListener The default PropertyChangeListener used to update a Toolbar button as properties change on its associated Action.
ToolButtonUI Deprecated. No replacement.
TreeAutoExpander The TreeAutoExpander is a utility class that automatically expands nodes with only one child.
TreeTableModelAdapter Deprecated. use uic:oracle.javatools.ui.treetable.TreeTableModelAdapter
VerticalFlowLayout Deprecated. since 11.0.
WaitCursor This class handles the wait cursor over the application and dialogs.
WholeNumberField The WholeNumberField is a subclass of a JTextField that only allow whole numbers (no negative numbers allowed.) The real work is done by NumberTextField.

Enum Summary
ScrollableTabBar.ScrollMode The behavior of the scroll left / right buttons.

Exception Summary

Package oracle.ide.controls Description

Contains classes implementing the basic graphical controls, such as, toolbars, toolbar buttons, status bars, tabbed windows, used by JDeveloper. For example, addins that introduce editors with their own toolbar should use oracle.ide.controls.toolbar and oracle.ide.controls.buttons controls in order to maintain the same look and feel as JDeveloper's toolbar.

Related Documentation

See Extending JDeveloper Using the Addin API for detailed information.

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