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Packages that use DockableView
oracle.ide.docking Contains interfaces and classes responsible for the dockable behavior provided by JDeveloper. 
oracle.ide.explorer Contains the interfaces and classes addins use to provide a structured view of data contained in nodes displayed in a navigator or an editor. 
oracle.ide.inspector Contains interfaces and classes that integrators may use to make their objects editable from the property inspector. 
oracle.ide.keyboard Defining your default accelerators 
oracle.ide.log Contains the interfaces and classes that allow addins to provide their own log pages. 
oracle.ide.navigator Contains classes providing navigator support. 
oracle.ide.palette2 Contains interfaces and classes that allow for palette integration. 

Uses of DockableView in oracle.ide.docking

Subclasses of DockableView in oracle.ide.docking
 class DockableWindow
          This class is the bridge between the Dockable interface docking system and the View interface.
 class DrawerDockableWindow
 class DrawerWindow

Methods in oracle.ide.docking with parameters of type DockableView
static void DockUtil.hideDockableWindow(DockableView dw)
          Hides the DockableView and set the focus on the active Editor
static void DockUtil.showDockableWindow(DockableView dw)
          Shows and set the focus on the DockableView
static void DockUtil.smartToggleDockableWindow(DockableView dw, Context context)
          'Smart' Toggles the visibility of the DockableView.
static void DockUtil.toggleDockableWindow(DockableView dw)
          Toggles the visibility of the DockableView

Uses of DockableView in oracle.ide.explorer

Subclasses of DockableView in oracle.ide.explorer
 class ExplorerWindow

Uses of DockableView in oracle.ide.inspector

Subclasses of DockableView in oracle.ide.inspector
 class InspectorWindow
          The InspectorWindow is a View consisting of a Toolbar area, a main body area and a status area.

Uses of DockableView in oracle.ide.keyboard

Subclasses of DockableView in oracle.ide.keyboard
 class KeyboardDockable

Uses of DockableView in oracle.ide.log

Subclasses of DockableView in oracle.ide.log
 class LogWindow
          The LogWindow is the dockable view responsible for managing log pages.

Uses of DockableView in oracle.ide.navigator

Subclasses of DockableView in oracle.ide.navigator
 class NavigatorWindow
          NavigatorWindow interface provides the API for managing the contents of a navigator window tree.
 class ProjectNavigatorWindow

Uses of DockableView in oracle.ide.palette2

Subclasses of DockableView in oracle.ide.palette2
 class PaletteWindow
          The PaletteWindow class is the Component Palette View.

Uses of DockableView in oracle.ide.view

Subclasses of DockableView in oracle.ide.view
 class AbstractPinnable
          AbstractPinnable implements the Pinnable interface as it applies to a DockableWindow which is capable of responding to changes in selection in the active View as well as changes of the active View from one View to another.

Methods in oracle.ide.view that return DockableView
protected abstract  DockableView MultiManager.createDockableView(Context ctx, ViewId viewId)
protected  DockableView MultiManager.findOrCreateView(Context context)
protected  DockableView MultiManager.findView(ViewId viewId)
protected  DockableView MultiManager.getDefaultView(Context context)
protected  DockableView PinnableManager.getDefaultView(Context context)
 DockableView MultiManager.getLastView()
          Get the last managed View to have been active.
 DockableView MultiManager.getNewView(Context context, ViewId viewId)
          Get a new View instance rooted on the given Context and having the given ViewId.
protected  DockableView MultiManager.getRelativeView(Context context, ViewId viewId)
 DockableView MultiManager.showLastView(Context context)
          Show the last managed View.
 DockableView PinnableManager.showLastView(Context context)
 DockableView MultiManager.showView(Context context)
          Show the View for the given Context, creating a new View instance as necessary.
 DockableView PinnableManager.showView(Context context)

Methods in oracle.ide.view with parameters of type DockableView
protected  int MultiManager.getOrientation(ViewId viewId, DockableView relative)

Uses of DockableView in oracle.ideri.navigator

Subclasses of DockableView in oracle.ideri.navigator
 class oracle.ideri.navigator.DefaultNavigatorWindow

Uses of DockableView in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.changelist

Subclasses of DockableView in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.changelist
 class ChangeListWindow
          A dockable view containing a ChangeList instance.

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11g Release 2 (


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