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Packages that use TextNode
oracle.ide.ceditor The Code Editor package contains the code editing implementation of the JDeveloper IDE. 
oracle.ide.db.model Classes associated with the IDE's navigator nodes for database connections and database objects. 
oracle.ide.model Contains interfaces and classes implementing JDeveloper's data model. 
oracle.jdeveloper.audit.model The base classes for defining the Audit object model. 
oracle.jdeveloper.audit.transform The base classes for defining transformations on the Audit object model. 
oracle.jdeveloper.merge Contains classes for merge editor abstractions, including an editor addin, commands, a controller, and utilities. 
oracle.jdeveloper.model Contains interfaces and classes implementing the Java specific portions of JDeveloper's data model. 

Uses of TextNode in oracle.bali.xml.addin

Subclasses of TextNode in oracle.bali.xml.addin
 class oracle.bali.xml.addin.XMLSourceNode

Uses of TextNode in oracle.ide.ceditor

Constructors in oracle.ide.ceditor with parameters of type TextNode
UndoableEditCommand(java.lang.String name, TextNode node, Project project, Workspace workspace)
          Creates an undoable edit wrapper command without an IDE context that manages the initial selection.
UndoableEditCommand(java.lang.String name, TextNode node, Project project, Workspace workspace, boolean initialSelection)
          Creates an undoable edit wrapper command without an IDE context.
UndoableEditCommand(java.lang.String name, TextNode node, Project project, Workspace workspace, int selectionStart, int selectionEnd)
          Constructor callable from threads other than the event thread.

Uses of TextNode in oracle.ide.db.model

Subclasses of TextNode in oracle.ide.db.model
 class BaseDBObjectTextNode
          Convenience subclass of TextNode that implements DBObjectNode.
 class BasePlSqlTextNode
          Convenience subclass of BaseDBObjectTextNode specifically for PlSql nodes in the navigator.
 class SqlNode
          The SqlNode class is a TextNode that represents an SQL or PL/SQL file.

Uses of TextNode in oracle.ide.model

Subclasses of TextNode in oracle.ide.model
 class DeployableTextNode
          Trivial subclass of TextNode that has the ElementAttributes.DEPLOYABLE attribute set.
 class UnrecognizedTextNode
          The UnrecognizedTextNode is used for files that are not recognized by the node recognizer system.

Methods in oracle.ide.model with parameters of type TextNode
static TextBufferTracker TextBufferTracker.createTrackerFromSnapshot(TextNode node, ReadTextBuffer snapshot, int comparisonLimit)
          Creates a text buffer tracker for a text node with a specified snapshot as its initial version and the current node contents as the current version.
static TextBufferTracker TextBufferTracker.getTracker(TextNode node)
          Gets the text buffer tracker for a text node.

Uses of TextNode in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.model

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.model that return TextNode
 TextNode TextFileModelAdapter.getTextNode()
          Gets the IDE {@link TextNode) containing this model.

Uses of TextNode in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.transform

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.transform that return TextNode
 TextNode TextTransformContext.getTextNode()
          Gets the text node to be transformed.

Uses of TextNode in oracle.jdeveloper.merge

Subclasses of TextNode in oracle.jdeveloper.merge
 class TextMergeNode

Uses of TextNode in oracle.jdeveloper.model

Subclasses of TextNode in oracle.jdeveloper.model
 class JspSourceNode
          The JspSourceNode interface represents a Jsp source file in the JDeveloper browser.

Uses of TextNode in oracle.jdeveloper.webapp

Subclasses of TextNode in oracle.jdeveloper.webapp
 class BrowsableWebDocumentNode
 class DelegatingXMLSourceNode
          An XMLSourceNode extension that allows the WebDocumentNode world to assign strategies at a single node recognition time.
 class WebDocumentNode
          Node representing Web documents: HTML, JSP ...

Uses of TextNode in oracle.jdevimpl.webapp.html

Subclasses of TextNode in oracle.jdevimpl.webapp.html
 class oracle.jdevimpl.webapp.html.HtmlSourceNode

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11g Release 2 (


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