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Class PaletteSection

  extended by oracle.ide.palette2.PaletteSection
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class PaletteSection
extends java.lang.Object

Palette Section is the third level the Component Palette model and is the "child" of PaletteGroup. A Palette Section is a subgrouping within a PaletteGroup. Users view sections as separators (similar to menu separators) within a group. Items can be sorted within a section. If a section unnameed a separator is not displayed. A section is comprised of zero or more Palette Items.

See Also:
Palette, PalettePage, PaletteGroup, PaletteItem

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  java.lang.Object getData(java.lang.Object key)
          Get data
abstract  java.util.Collection<PaletteItem> getItems()
          Get Palette Itemss
abstract  java.lang.String getName()
          Get display name.
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Constructor Detail


public PaletteSection()
Method Detail


public abstract java.lang.String getName()
Get display name.

display name.


public abstract java.util.Collection<PaletteItem> getItems()
Get Palette Itemss

unmodifiable collection of PaletteItem's


public abstract java.lang.Object getData(java.lang.Object key)
Get data

Use to surface arbitrary additional data. This is used to identify the item to their clients without requiring clients to cast to a PaletteItem subclass.

For example, in XMLEF, use getData to get from a PaletteItem back to the identification of what type of element to create (XmlKey). XMLEF's PaletteItem instances will have this data.

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11g Release 2 (


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