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Package oracle.ide.panels

Provides a framework for building panel-based UI.


Interface Summary
ApplyListener This interface defines the messages that are sent in association with applying or canceling from a NavigableUIContainer.
ApplyNotifier An object that implements ApplyNotifier is capable of firing ApplyEvents to registered ApplyListeners.
CommitListener This interface defines the messages that are sent when commiting (finishing) or canceling from an FSMWizard.
CommitNotifier An object that implements CommitNotifier is capable of firing CommitEvents to registered CommitListeners.
ProvidesDebugInformation A Traversable which implements ProvidesDebugInformation will show extended information in a tooltip when the ide is in a mode which shows debug tooltips on MDDPanel.
ProvidesSearchTags A Navigable which also implements ProvidesSearchTags supports searching using tags in MDDPanel.
Traversable The methods defined in the Traversable interface specify the operations that a UI component must support in order to be traversed in complex UI widgets such as a property dialog, a wizard, or any other panel-based UI.

Class Summary
ActionDescriptionPanel.OptionSelectionChangedEvent The event that gets triggered when the selected option has changed.
ActionDescriptionPanel.OptionSelectionChangedListener The listener that get notified when the selected option has changed.
ApplyEvent The ApplyEvent is the event object used in the methods that are part of the ApplyListener interface.
DefaultTraversablePanel Complete default implementation of Traversable that subclasses JPanel.
DialogCallbacks This interface defines callback methods that are implemented by a a Traversable-based Launcher dialog for the sake of Traversable dailog that need to update the state of the Launcher dialog's components.
MDDAdapter Default implementation of the MDDListener interface.
MDDPanel This implementation of NavigableUIContainer is a "master-detail-detail" panel, hence the name MDDPanel.
MetaTraversable The MetaTraversable class is responsible for specifying metadata for a Traversable that has not yet been instantiated.
Navigable Each instance of the Navigable class represents a single tree node.
Navigable.NavigableComparator Comparator implementation used for sorting child Navigable instances by label.
NavigableContext An instance of NavigableContext is used by Navigable instances and a NavigableUIContainer instance to coordinate the association of each Navigable with a data scope creation of tree nodes for a tree-based NavigableUIContainer
NavigableRegistry A registry class for Navigables.
NewWorkspacePanel The NewWorkspacePanel class implements the UI to create a new workspace.
NodeTDialogLauncher Subclass of TDialogLauncher that disables the OK button if any of the Nodes specified in the constructor are read-only.
SavedTreeState Saves and restores the state of a tree.
TabbedPanel This is a NavigableUIContainer implementation whose appearance is based on JTabbedPane; each page of a TabbedPanel is a Traversable and the order of the pages is specified by an array of Navigables.
TDialog Subclass of JEWTDialog that is designed to interoperate with TDialogLauncher and Traversable.
TDialogLauncher This classes launches a dialog whose content area is a single Traversable, thus the "T" prefix.
TitledPanel A panel with a gradient titlebar in bold text at the top and arbitrary content below.
TraversableContext The TraversableContext class provides the means for a Traversable to find the data objects that it is responsible for editing whenever it is entered or exited.

Exception Summary
DetailedTraversalException The DetailedTraversalException should be thrown from Traversable.onExit(TraversableContext) method if the user has entered incomplete, invalid, or inconsistent data that causes validation to fail, and you want deatiled exception information presented to the user.
TraversalException The TraversalException can be thrown by the Traversable.onExit(TraversableContext) method if the user has entered incomplete, invalid, or inconsistent data that causes validation to fail.

Package oracle.ide.panels Description

Provides a framework for building panel-based UI.

The core of the package are the Traversable interface and the Navigable class, which define the core interactions between panels and the UI container that hosts the panels.

The Traversable interface is intended to be implemented by the panels themselves, and contains methods that are called by a UI container when a panel is being entered and existed. Data is passed into and out of a Traversable panel via the TraversableContext.

A sequence of Navigable objects represents the selection structure for a collection of Traversables. A Navigable is a light-weight object that can be instantiated before a Traversable is instantiated, thus providing a way for Traversable panels to be lazy-loaded. Each Navigable instance is capable of representing the root of a subtree, so a sequence of Navigables naturally represents a tree structure.

The MDDPanel is the most commonly used UI container from this package. The MDDPanel is itself a Traversable, which allows MDDPanel to be nested inside any other Traversable, including another instance of MDDPanel. A typical MDDPanel shows a tree to the left side, with a large panel area to the right where Traversable panels are swapped in. More specialized usages of MDDPanel allow for a second tree to show up, which serves as a "detail" tree to the "master" tree. The "MDD" name is derived from the potential "master-detail-detail" relationship that the MDDPanel is capable of representing.

The TabbedPanel is another UI container for Navigable sequences that represent Traversables. It is similar to JTabbedPane, except that each tab-panel follows the semantics of the Traversable interface.

The FSMWizard is a wizard container that uses the Traversable interface for its panels and uses a separate finite-state-machine (FSM) object for driving the sequence of wizard panels. This separates the logic that determines the sequence of the panels from the panels themselves, allowing the wizard to be modeled by an FSM.

The TDialogLauncher is a class for launching any Traversable panel in its own dialog. Using TDialogLauncher makes it possible to implement all UI as panels and only using TDialogLauncher as a wrapper to produce a dialog.

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