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Class VCSTask

  extended by javax.swing.SwingWorker<java.lang.Boolean,java.lang.String>
      extended by oracle.ide.vcs.VCSTask
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Runnable, java.util.concurrent.Future<java.lang.Boolean>, java.util.concurrent.RunnableFuture<java.lang.Boolean>

public abstract class VCSTask
extends javax.swing.SwingWorker<java.lang.Boolean,java.lang.String>

Task class for version control operations performed through VCSManager. This class may be specialized by version control API consumers interested in the progress of the asynchronous operation and returning the flow of control to the AWT event thread on completion. Progress is monitored through the bound SwingWorker property progress, a percentage value. The task does not (yet) publish additional data pertaining to the operation.

Since: (Bulldog)

Nested Class Summary
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Constructor Summary
protected VCSTask([] urls)
          Constructs a new VCSTask for the given URLs.
Method Summary
protected  java.lang.Boolean doInBackground()
   [] getURLs()
          Gets the URLs associated with this task.
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Constructor Detail


protected VCSTask([] urls)
Constructs a new VCSTask for the given URLs.

urls - the URLs to be processed.
Method Detail


public final[] getURLs()
Gets the URLs associated with this task.

the task URLs.


protected final java.lang.Boolean doInBackground()
Specified by:
doInBackground in class javax.swing.SwingWorker<java.lang.Boolean,java.lang.String>

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