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Packages that use AbstractBuildableObject
oracle.javatools.db Contains a metadata API for describing database objects, and retrieving them from a provider of database objects - for example a database. 
oracle.javatools.db.datatypes Classes related to datatypes in the database API. 
oracle.javatools.db.dictionary Contains a Database implementation (DictionaryDatabase) that retrieves information for retrieving object information using dictionary queries (instead of the JDBC metadata). 
oracle.javatools.db.ora Contains the database api implementation for Oracle databases, and additional DBObject implementations for objects specific to Oracle. 
oracle.javatools.db.plsql Classes for dealing with PL/SQL objects. 

Uses of AbstractBuildableObject in oracle.javatools.db

Classes in oracle.javatools.db with type parameters of type AbstractBuildableObject
 class AbstractDBObjectBuilder<T extends AbstractBuildableObject>
          Abstract implementation of DBObjectbuilder that provides core support for component building of objects.

Subclasses of AbstractBuildableObject in oracle.javatools.db
 class AbstractSchemaObject
          Provides a base implementation of the SchemaObject interface.
 class AbstractSystemObject
          Abstract superclass for all SystemObject implementations.
 class Function
          Deprecated. use Function instead
 class Index
          Model of a database index.
 class Java
          Abstract SchemaObject implementation for the different Java objects available in a database.
 class JavaClass
          Model of a Java Class.
 class JavaResource
          Model of a Java Resource object.
 class JavaSource
          Model of a Java Source object.
 class Package
          Deprecated. use Package instead
 class PlSql
          Deprecated. use SourceObject instead
 class PlSqlSubprogram
          Deprecated. use PlSqlSubProgram instead
 class Procedure
          Deprecated. use Procedure instead
 class Relation
          A Relation represents the basic entity of a relational database.
 class Schema
          Model of a database schema.
 class Sequence
          Model of a database sequence.
 class SpecPlSql
          Deprecated. use PlSqlSchemaObjectSpec instead
 class Synonym
          Model of a database synonym.
 class Table
          Model of a database table.
 class Tablespace
          Model of a Tablespace in a database.
 class Trigger
          Deprecated. use Trigger instead
 class View
          Represents a database View.

Methods in oracle.javatools.db with parameters of type AbstractBuildableObject
protected  void AbstractDBObjectProvider.markForLazyInit(AbstractBuildableObject object)
protected  void AbstractDBObjectProvider.markForLazyInit(AbstractBuildableObject object, DBObjectBuilder builder)

Uses of AbstractBuildableObject in oracle.javatools.db.datatypes

Subclasses of AbstractBuildableObject in oracle.javatools.db.datatypes
 class ComplexType
          Deprecated. use Type instead
 class ObjectType

Uses of AbstractBuildableObject in oracle.javatools.db.dictionary

Classes in oracle.javatools.db.dictionary with type parameters of type AbstractBuildableObject
 class DictionaryDBObjectBuilder<T extends AbstractBuildableObject>
          Extension of AbstractDBObjectBuilder that includes some database specific support such as connections and query wrappers.

Uses of AbstractBuildableObject in oracle.javatools.db.ora

Subclasses of AbstractBuildableObject in oracle.javatools.db.ora
 class DatabaseLink
          Model of a database DatabaseLink.
 class Directory
          Model of an Oracle Directory object.
 class Indextype
 class MaterializedView
          A MaterializedView represents a Materialized View in the database.
 class MaterializedViewLog
 class RecycledObject
          Model of an object that has been dropped and is now in the Oracle recycle bin.
 class XMLSchema
          Object to represent an XML Schema held in the database.

Uses of AbstractBuildableObject in oracle.javatools.db.plsql

Subclasses of AbstractBuildableObject in oracle.javatools.db.plsql
 class DBObjectPlSqlFragment
          Top-most PL/SQL specific superclass of all PL/SQL DBObject classes in this package.
 class PackageBody
          Representation of a PL/SQL Package Body
 class PlSqlAttribute
          A representation of a Attribute within a Type.
 class PlSqlBlock
          When instantiated as a concrete class, this represents a PL/SQL Block.
 class PlSqlDatatype
          Representation of a PL/SQL Datatype sucj as a record, varray table etc.
 class PlSqlMethod
          Representation of a method within a PlSqlMethod.MethodType.
 class PlSqlParameter
          Representation of a parameter (argument) to any PL/SQL procedure, function or method.
 class PlSqlReference
          A reference from some PL/SQL to another DBObject.
 class PlSqlSchemaObject
          Abstract superclass of all Schema level PL/SQL objects (ie SourceObjects) other than Procedure and Function as they extend PlSqlSubProgram.
 class PlSqlSchemaObjectBody
          Abstract superclass of PackageBody and TypeBody.
 class PlSqlSchemaObjectSpec
          Abstract superclass of object types that can have bodies, ie Package and Type.
 class PlSqlSubProgram
          A representation of a PL/SQL procedure or function.
 class PlSqlVariable
          A representation of a PL/SQL variable (or constant) defined at any scope in a PL/SQL object.
 class Type
 class TypeBody
          Representation of a Type Body

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