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Packages that use PropertyManager
oracle.javatools.db Contains a metadata API for describing database objects, and retrieving them from a provider of database objects - for example a database. 
oracle.javatools.db.ddl API for generating DDL in the database API. 
oracle.javatools.db.extension Contains classes for extending the object support that comes as standard in the database api (e.g. 

Uses of PropertyManager in oracle.javatools.db

Methods in oracle.javatools.db that return PropertyManager
 PropertyManager DBObjectProvider.getPropertyManager()
          Gets the PropertyManager (if available) for this provider.
 PropertyManager AbstractDBObjectProvider.getPropertyManager()

Uses of PropertyManager in oracle.javatools.db.ddl

Subinterfaces of PropertyManager in oracle.javatools.db.ddl
 interface DDLGenerator<T extends DDLType>
          A DDLGenerator takes a set of objects, or differences between objects, and returns CREATE, DROP or ALTER statements that can be run against the database to perform operations on the underlying definitions.

Classes in oracle.javatools.db.ddl that implement PropertyManager
 class BundleDDLGenerator<T extends DDLType>
          TokenDDLGenerator subclass that uses either a set of Properties files or ResourceBundles with specially formatted keys to automatically register DDL for generation.
 class TokenDDLGenerator<T extends DDLType>
          TokenDDLGenerator is DDLGenerator implementation that takes the registration of "ddl code tokens" and registers CreateDDLGenerator, DropDDLGenerator and AlterDDLGenerator with the superclass as appropriate.

Uses of PropertyManager in oracle.javatools.db.extension

Classes in oracle.javatools.db.extension that implement PropertyManager
 class DelegateDDLGenerator
          DDLGenerator implementation that delegates to another DDLGenerator for all normal object types.

Uses of PropertyManager in

Classes in that implement PropertyManager
 class AbstractPropertyManager

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