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Package oracle.javatools.db.sql

Contains an API for declaratively parsing SQL queries (SELECT statements).


Interface Summary
AliasFragment SQLFragment that consists of an expression and an alias.
DBObjectUsage Interface implemented by fragments that use a DBObjectID to refer to another DBObject.
DeclarativeSQLQuery Extension of the SQLQuery interface that allows the query to edited.
FromObjectUsage Interface implemented by any object that directly depends on a FromObject (e.g.
SqlAliasExpander A utility to resolve table alaiases in SQL so that a list of Usages can be returned, each with a List<String> and int offsets.
SQLFragment Interface for objects that encapsulate a fragment of SQL.
SQLQuery Object that represents a basic SQL query.
SQLQueryBuilder Interface that defines a builder class for sql queries.
SQLQueryBuilder.SQLQueryObjectSet A result set interface for the query builder class
SQLQueryOwner Interfaced to be implemented by any object that can own a SQLQuery.

Class Summary
AbstractAliasFragment SQLFragment that consists of an expression and an alias.
AbstractDBObjectUsage Abstract implementation for a SQLFragment that uses another DBObject (e.g a Column) through a FromObject in the query.
AbstractFromObjectUsage Abstract SQLFragment implementation of FromObjectUsage.
AbstractSchemaObjectUsage Abstract class for usages that reference a SchemaObject (e.g.
AbstractSQLFragment Abstract superclass for SQLFragment implementations.
AbstractSQLQuery Abstract implementation of a SQLQuery.
AbstractSQLQueryBuilder Abstract implementation of SQLQuery that performs functions generic to any builder.
ArithmeticOperation Concrete subclass of Operation for arithmetic operations - ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY and DIVIDE.
AsteriskUsage Deprecated. - use ColumnKeywordUsage
CaseStatement Class to represent a case statement in a sql query.
CASE [expression]
WHEN condition THEN thenExpression
WHEN condition THEN thenExpression ...
ColumnKeywordUsage A FromObjectUsage that has a keyword for the Column name, rather than an actual column.
ColumnUsage SQL fragment that is a use of a Column.
Comparison Subclass of Operation for comparisons.
DataMiningFunction Subclass of Operation for data mining functions.
DataMiningFunction.DataMiningArguments Deprecated. no longer required, use get/setDmSpecificArgs directly.
DataMiningFunction.DataMiningCostValues An array of values
ExpressionList List of expressions.
FKUsage SQLFragment for the usage of a FKConstraint.
FromObject Object that represents a clause in the FROM statement of a SQL query.
Function Subclass of Operation for functions.
FunctionDefinition Class used for defining built in functinos for the database.
GroupByExpression Expression for a part of a group by that isn't a simple column (e.g.
GroupByObject SQLFragment for the GROUP BY ...
HierarchicalQueryObject SQLFragment for the Hierarchical Query clause in a SQLQuery.
IndexObject Object to wrap each column eaxpression of the Index statement
JoinObject Object that represent the JOIN clause of a SELECT statement (part of the FROM clause).
ModelObject SQLFragment for the MODEL clause in a SQLQuery.
NonDeclarativeSQLQuery Dummy SQLQuery that just contains a String representing the SQLQuery.
OnJoinCondition Object to represent the ON condition of a JOIN clause.
Operation Abstract class for operations.
OrderByObject Object to wrap each part of the ORDER BY clause of a SQLQuery.
PlSqlUsage Fragment that represents a usage of a piece of PlSql.
RelationUsage SQL fragment that is a use of a Relation.
SelectObject Object that represents a clause in the SELECT statement of a SQL query.
SelectObjectUsage Class that represents the usage of a SelectObject.
SetOperation SQLFragment for dealing with operations to do with sets and ranges like IN and BETWEEN.
SetOperator SQLFragment for dealing with queries that are linked using one of the SET operators INTERSECT, UNION, MINUS and UNION ALL.
SimpleSQLFragment SQLFragment that we can't break down any more.
SQLFragmentID Deprecated. SQLFragments now use IdentifierBaseID insteasd
SQLFragmentUtils Utilities for dealing with SQLFragments.
SQLQueryBuilderFactory Factory class for creating a SQLQueryBuilder.
SynonymUsage SQLFragment for using a Synonym in a SQL query.
UsingJoinCondition Object to represent the condition part of a JOIN that has a USING clause.
WhereObject Object that represents a clause in the WHERE statement of a SQL query.
WindowFunction Subclass of Function for windowing functions (using the OVER syntax).

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
AliasInUseException SQLQueryException thrown when an attempt is made to add an object whose alias is already in use.
AmbiguousColumnException Exception thrown when the name of a column in a query is ambiguous - i.e.
IDException Exception thrown when a DBObject is missing an ID.
InvalidAliasException Exception thrown when a select or from object has an invalid alias (e.g.
InvalidSQLException SQLQueryException for representing errors in the sql (e.g.
SQLParseException Subclass of SQLQueryException used for parse errors in the sql.
SQLQueryClauseException Exception thrown by a SQLQueryBuilder when there is an error with a clause in the query, but that this error doesn't stop the query being declarative.
SQLQueryException Superclass for all Exceptions thrown by the SQLQuery API.

Package oracle.javatools.db.sql Description

Contains an API for declaratively parsing SQL queries (SELECT statements). A SQLQueryBuilder is used to parse a select statement into a SQLQuery object. All parts of the query are represented as child SQLFragment objects.

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