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Uses of Interface

Packages that use CompletionProvider
oracle.ide.db.util Utility classes for dealing with database objects in UI in the IDE. 

Uses of CompletionProvider in oracle.ide.db.util

Classes in oracle.ide.db.util that implement CompletionProvider
 class ExpressionEditSupport
          Convinience support class for expression editors.

Uses of CompletionProvider in oracle.ide.db.util.insight

Classes in oracle.ide.db.util.insight that implement CompletionProvider
 class InsightManager

Uses of CompletionProvider in

Methods in with parameters of type CompletionProvider
 void TextFieldBuilder.setCompletion(CompletionProvider completionProvider)
          Supply a completion provider to populate a popup that helps the user complete the text field entry

Uses of CompletionProvider in oracle.javatools.ui.completion

Classes in oracle.javatools.ui.completion that implement CompletionProvider
 class FileCompletionProvider
          Provides field insight for filenames.
 class StringCompletionProvider
          A completion provider for a simple collection of Strings.

Methods in oracle.javatools.ui.completion with parameters of type CompletionProvider
 boolean CompletionPopupHandler.isRegisteredInsightProvider(CompletionProvider provider)
          Ask whether a given insight provider is registered.
 void CompletionPopupHandler.registerInsightProvider(CompletionProvider provider)
          Register an insight provider with this field.
 void CompletionPopupHandler.unregisterInsightProvider(CompletionProvider provider)
          Unregister an insight provider from the field.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK
11g Release 2 (


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