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Uses of Interface

Packages that use Library
oracle.jdeveloper.library The Libraries package provides the library API used by JDeveloper. 
oracle.jdeveloper.model Contains interfaces and classes implementing the Java specific portions of JDeveloper's data model. 

Uses of Library in oracle.jdeveloper.library

Subinterfaces of Library in oracle.jdeveloper.library
 interface DerivedLibrary
          Encapsulates the notion of a derived library as it is used within JDeveloper.
 interface JDK
          Encapsulates the notion of a JDK.
 interface JLibrary
          Encapsulates the notion of a Library as it is used within JDeveloper.
 interface JLibraryDefinition
          Deprecated. Use JLibrary

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.library that implement Library
 class AbstractDerivedLibrary
          AbstractDerivedLibrary class.
 class AbstractLibrary
          A read only, partial implementation of Libary.
 class AddinJDK
          A JDK automatically installed by the extension framework.
 class AddinLibrary
          Represents a library that was installed in an extension manifest's <libraries> hook.
 class ExternalLibrary
 class JDKAdapter
          Encapsulates the notion of a JDK.
 class JDKNode
 class JLibraryAdapter
          Encapsulates the notion of a Library as it is used within JDeveloper.
 class JLibraryNode
 class LibraryAdapter

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.library that return Library
 Library LibraryReference.getLibrary()
          Finds the Library instance without a Project context.
 Library LibraryReference.getLibrary(Project project)
          Finds the Library instance in the given Project context.

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.library with parameters of type Library
 boolean Library.equivalent(Library library)
          Determine whether the given Library is equivalent to this one with respect to the values of its public properties other than name.
 boolean AbstractLibrary.equivalent(Library library)
 boolean JDKAdapter.equivalent(Library lib)
 boolean JLibraryAdapter.equivalent(Library lib)
 boolean JLibraryNode.equivalent(Library lib)
 boolean ExternalLibrary.equivalent(Library lib)
 boolean JDKNode.equivalent(Library lib)
 boolean LibraryAdapter.equivalent(Library library)
 void Library.initFromLibrary(Library lib)
          Initialize all public properties, other than name, from the Library provided.
 void AbstractLibrary.initFromLibrary(Library library)
 void JDKAdapter.initFromLibrary(Library lib)
 void JLibraryAdapter.initFromLibrary(Library lib)
 void JLibraryNode.initFromLibrary(Library lib)
 void ExternalLibrary.initFromLibrary(Library lib)
 void JDKNode.initFromLibrary(Library lib)
 void LibraryAdapter.initFromLibrary(Library library)
 boolean MutableLibraryList.remove(Library library)
          Remove a JDK or JLibrary from the respective list.
 boolean JProjectLibraryList.remove(Library library)
 boolean JLibraryList.remove(Library library)
 boolean ListWrapper.remove(Library library)
 void LibraryReference.setLibrary(Library lib)

Uses of Library in oracle.jdeveloper.model

Fields in oracle.jdeveloper.model declared as Library
protected  Library LibraryModel.lib

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.model that return Library
 Library LibraryModel.commit()
 Library JDKModel.commit()
 Library JLibraryModel.commit()

Constructors in oracle.jdeveloper.model with parameters of type Library
LibraryModel(Library lib, MutableLibraryList list, java.awt.Component panel)

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