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Oracle® Communications Services Gatekeeper Patch Release Notes

Part Number E24004-03
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9 Wizard for Interceptor Creation

This chapter describes how to use the Platform Development Studio (PDS) Eclipse wizard to create custom service interceptors.

For general information on service interceptors and on using the PDS Eclipse wizards, see Platform Development Studio Developer's Guide.

Artifacts for a Custom Interceptor Module

When you use the wizard to create the skeleton of an interceptor module, the wizard generates the following artifacts:

Generating a Custom Interceptor Module

Make sure that Eclipse is configured to create Services Gatekeeper modules. For more information, see the discussion on configuring Eclipse in Platform Development Studio Developer's Guide.

To generate a custom interceptor module:

  1. In Eclipse, choose New Project from the File menu.

    The Select a wizard window appears.

  2. Select the Interceptor Module item under OCSG Platform Development Studio.

  3. Click Next.

    The Generate Interceptor modules window appears.

  4. In the Project name field, enter the name of the Eclipse project for the interceptor module.

  5. Either enter the location of the project in the Location field or accept the default location by checking the Use default location box.

  6. In the Package Name field, enter the package name to be used for the interceptor package.

  7. In the Application Lifestyle Listener field enter the ApplicationLifecycleListener implementation class name. If this value is not specified in the wizard, the default value "CustomizedApplicationLifecycleListener" is used.

    For information about the Application Lifestyle Listener, see the discussion of creating a custom listener in Platform Development Studio Developer's Guide and the description of the ApplicationLifecycleListener class in the WebLogic Server 10.3 API Reference.

  8. Click the Add button to add an interceptor module.

    The Add Interceptor dialog box appears. In the Add Interceptor dialog box, do the following:

    1. In the Name field, enter the fully qualified name of the custom interceptor.

    2. In the Point menu, choose the position element that describes the type of requests for which the interceptor is valid. Choices are MO North, MT North, MO South, and MT South.

    3. In the Index field, enter the index in the interceptor stack at which this interceptor will be invoked relative to other interceptors within the same position element. The order is ascending. The index value must be unique within a position element.

      See Chapter 8, "Interceptor Chain Customization," for information about interceptor configuration in Services Gatekeeper, including listing interceptors, to determine the correct Index value.

    4. Click OK.

      The interceptor module appears in the list of modules.

    Repeat this step for every interceptor module that you want to add to the EAR file.

  9. Click Finish to generate the custom interceptor artifacts.

Deploying Custom Interceptors

For information on packaging and deploying custom interceptors see the chapter on Service Interceptors in Platform Development Studio Developer's Guide.