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Oracle® Communications Services Gatekeeper Patch Release Notes

Part Number E24004-03
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10 Wholesale Applications Community Enhancements

This chapter describes how to use Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper as a Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) Operator Endpoint server in the Payment API flow.

Services providers can expose Diameter-based network charging capability using Service Gatekeeper's OneAPI V2.1 Payment Server functionality. Policy configuration allows the enforcement of request rate and quotas assuring that charging systems are protected from denial of service (DoS) attacks.

About WAC

The WAC is an industry alliance of communications service providers, device manufacturers and software vendors formed to standardize the development and distribution of mobile applications.

For information about WAC, see:

Oracle is a member of the WAC.

Supported WAC Functions

Services Gatekeeper supports the following functions used in the WAC baseline architecture for the Payment API Flow:

For information about the WAC Payment API Flow, see:

OneAPI V2.1 Payment Services

Services Gatekeeper supports the OneAPI RESTful Payment API V2.1 allowing service providers to accept WAC payment requests as part of the Payment API Flow. Services Gatekeeper handles WAC OneAPI payment transactions by forwarding requests to a Diameter plug-in for processing in the network tier.

The WAC Payment API flow currently supports the following transactions:

  • Charge a user for a one-time payment

  • Check status of previous transaction

  • Display a list of all transactions made with an application

The Services Gatekeeper implementation is based on the specifications provided by the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM).

For information on using the OneAPI V2.1 Payment interface with Services Gatekeeper, see OneAPI Application Developer's Guide.