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The Metadata and Relations category enables you to manage metadata associated with Oracle Beehive artifacts and entities.

A category is a hierarchical structure of designations that may be applied to entities, including all of the artifacts stored in a workspace. Categories always exist at the enterprise scope. Refer to the section "Managing Categories" in the module "Managing Oracle Beehive Workspaces" in Oracle Beehive Administrator's Guide in Oracle Beehive Documentation Library for more information.

Programming Tips

Limiting Number of Entities Returned by /labl Resource

A label may be applied to many entities. When you perform a GET on the label resource, Oracle Beehive RESTful Web Services returns a representation that includes the IDs of all the entities to which the label has been applied.

If a label has been applied to a large number of artifacts, you may limit the number of entities returned by the /labl resource. Use the resource /comb/v1/d/labl/list/entities/{id}, where {id} is the ID of the label. When you POST to this resource to retrieve the entities to which the specified label has been applied, pass a predicateAndSortListParameters object. In this object, you may control which IDs are returned, including the count limit.

Detecting if Shared Tag Has Been Set by User

If an object has been tagged by a shared tag, which is represented by the label resource, the label will appear in the object's attachedMarkers member. To determine if the object has been tagged by the current logged-in user or another user, retrieve the label. The label contains an entities member, which is a list of all objects that have been tagged by this label.

Label Members changeStatus and viewerProperties Currently Not Supported

The Label members changeStatus and viewerProperties are inherited from Artifact. However, these two members are currently not supported. You may not create or update a Label's viewerProperties, and you may not update a Label's changeStatus. If you read or list a Label, the value of its changeStatus will be READ, and its viewerProperties member will be null.

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