6 Installing the Third-Party Software

This chapter describes how to install the Third-Party software.

About the Third-Party Software

The Third-Party package includes Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA), Perl libraries and JRE to enable the installation of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) software packages that use the InstallShield MultiPlatform (ISMP) installation method and Java servers such as Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI) Manager.


You only need to install the Third-Party package once, before the installation of the first package that uses ISMP installation.

Installing the Third-Party Software


Do not install the software as the root user. Installing the software as the root user causes the installation to fail.

To install the Third-Party software package:

  1. Download the 7.5.0_ThirdParty_platform_32_opt.extension installation file to a temporary directory (temp_dir).


    • platform is the operating system type. For Solaris 10 and Linux systems, use solaris or linux.

      For Solaris 11, the installation file is 7.5PS15_ThirdParty_solaris11_32_opt.bin.

      For HP-UX IA64, the installation file is 7.5PS5_ThirdParty_hpux_ia64_32_opt.bin.

      For AIX, the installation file is 7.5PS1_ThirdParty_aix_32_opt.bin.

    • extension is the appropriate extension for the platform type. Use bin for UNIX.

  2. Go to the temp_dir directory.

  3. Run the Third-Party software installation program.


    You can use the -console parameter to run the installation in command-line mode. To use the graphical user interface (GUI) for installation, make sure you have X Windows installed in your computer.
  4. When prompted, enter the directory where you want to install the Third-Party software. The default directory is /opt/portal/ThirdParty.

  5. The install location and the RDA, JRE and Perl features are displayed. Click Next to install the Third-Party package at the specified location.

  6. After the installation completes, the installation program displays a message reminding you to execute the source command:

    Bash shell:

    % source source.me.sh

    C shell:

    % source source.me.csh
  7. To finish the installation, click Finish.

The Third-Party package is now installed.

Uninstalling the Third-Party Software

To uninstall the Third-Party package, run uninstaller/ThirdParty/uninstaller.bin from the directory in which the Third-Party software is installed. The default directory is /opt/portal/ThirdParty.