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Part I Basic BRM System Administration

1 Starting and Stopping the BRM System

2 Monitoring and Maintaining Your BRM System

3 Using Configuration Files to Connect and Configure Components

4 Implementing System Security

5 BRM OMF Instrumented Objects

6 Configuring Pipeline Manager

7 Controlling Batch Operations

8 About Connection Pooling

9 System Administration Utilities and Scripts

10 SNMP Utilities

Part II Administering a High-Availability System

11 Understanding a High-Availability System

12 Configuring a High-Availability System

Part III Improving Performance

13 Improving BRM Performance

14 Optimizing Pipeline Manager Performance

15 Optimizing BRM for Prepaid and Postpaid Convergence

Part IV Troubleshooting BRM

16 Resolving Problems in Your BRM System

17 Reference Guide to BRM Error Codes

18 Pipeline Manager Error Messages

Part V Managing IMDB Cache-Enabled Systems

19 Using Oracle IMDB Cache Manager

20 Installing IMDB Cache Manager

21 Configuring IMDB Cache Manager

22 Generating the BRM Cache Group Schema

23 Customizing IMDB Cache Manager

24 Migrating Data to an Oracle IMDB Cache-Enabled BRM System

Part VI Partitioning and Managing BRM Tables

25 Partitioning Tables

26 Converting Nonpartitioned Classes to Partitioned Classes

27 About Purging Data

28 Generating Virtual Columns on Event Tables

Part VII Managing a Multischema System

29 Managing a Multischema System

30 Multischema Utilities

Part VIII Migrating Accounts

31 Understanding Account Migration

32 Installing and Configuring BRM for Account Migration

33 Migrating Accounts with the Pipeline Manager Running

34 Using Account Migration Manager

35 Migrating Accounts within an Oracle IMDB Cache Grid

36 Modifying Applications to Work with AMM

37 Modifying the Account Migration Manager

38 AMM Entity Relationship Diagram

39 Account Migration Utilities

Part IX Running Business Operations

40 Using Business Operations Center

41 Business Operations Center Utilities

Part X Configuration File Reference

42 Business Logic pin.conf Reference

43 System Administration pin.conf Reference

44 business_params Reference