A Secure Deployment Checklist

The following security checklist lists guidelines to help you secure Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) and its components.

  1. Install only what is required.

  2. Lock and expire default user accounts.

  3. Enforce password management.

  4. Practice the principle of least privilege.

    • Grant only the necessary privileges.

    • Revoke unnecessary privileges from the PUBLIC user group.

    • Restrict permissions on run-time facilities.

  5. Enforce access controls effectively and authenticate clients stringently.

  6. Restrict network access.

    • Use a firewall.

    • Never poke a hole through a firewall.

    • Monitor who accesses your systems.

    • Check network IP addresses.

  7. Apply all security patches and workarounds.

  8. Mask sensitive customer data in system responses and logging.

  9. Contact Oracle Security Products if you come across a vulnerability in Oracle Database.