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Oracle® Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle Information Rights Management Desktop
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8.3 Troubleshooting

This section covers the following topics:

8.3.1 Proxy Issues

Oracle IRM Desktop needs to be able to communicate with an Oracle IRM Server instance to get licenses so that you can open sealed documents.

Oracle IRM Desktop communicates with 10g versions of Oracle IRM Server using a secure, encrypted variant of the HTTP protocol used by web browsers. Your network configuration might prevent this protocol from reaching Oracle IRM Server. For 11g versions of Oracle IRM Server, standardized HTTPS communications are used.

There are two types of network configuration that can cause problems:

  • Proxy servers

    Your network might require Oracle IRM Desktop communications to pass through a particular computer, known as a proxy server. If so, then your browser also needs to use a proxy server, and should already have the required proxy server settings. Oracle IRM Desktop uses the same settings, so proxy servers should not cause problems.

    However, if your Oracle IRM Desktop is failing to communicate with Oracle IRM Server, and Oracle IRM Desktop tests report that there is a proxy server, report the problem to your network administrator.

    The use of proxy servers with indexed search integration will be problematic and is not advised.

  • Firewalls

    A firewall monitors all communications between your local network and remote networks, and prevents any communications that it considers a security risk. Oracle IRM Desktop uses standard web browsing protocol. If your firewall allows you to browse the world wide web, you should also be able to communicate with Oracle IRM Server.

    If browsing the web is not permitted, you need to talk to your network administrator to arrange to allow communications to Oracle IRM Server. The firewall needs to allow outbound connections to the Oracle IRM Server address and port, and allow responses to such connections.

    You can use the Oracle IRM Desktop test facility to find out what address and port Oracle IRM Desktop is trying to contact, and then configure the firewall to allow the communication to succeed.

8.3.2 Sealed Documents Block Screen Captures

If you attempt to make a screen capture when a sealed document is on screen, the captured image often shows the sealed document in the foreground even though the sealed document is really in the background. This can mean that the application you were trying to capture is hidden.

This is intended behavior that prevents sealed documents being captured through transparent foreground applications. See "Screen Capturing Sealed Documents".