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Conventions Used in this Book
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Welcome to Berkeley DB (DB). This document provides an introduction and usage notes for skilled programmers who wish to use the Berkeley DB APIs.

Conventions Used in this Book

The following typographical conventions are used within in this manual:

Structure names are represented in monospaced font, as are method names. For example: "DB->open() is a method on a DB handle."

Variable or non-literal text is presented in italics. For example: "Go to your DB_INSTALL directory."

Program examples are displayed in a monospaced font on a shaded background. For example:

/* File: gettingstarted_common.h */
typedef struct stock_dbs {
    DB *inventory_dbp; /* Database containing inventory information */
    DB *vendor_dbp;    /* Database containing vendor information */

    char *db_home_dir;       /* Directory containing the database files */
    char *inventory_db_name; /* Name of the inventory database */
    char *vendor_db_name;    /* Name of the vendor database */


Finally, notes of interest are represented using a note block such as this.