Release 3.0: db_jump_set

The db_jump_set interface has been removed from the Berkeley DB 3.0 release, replaced by method calls on the DB_ENV handle.

The following table lists the db_jump_set arguments previously used by applications and the methods that should now be used instead.

db_jump_set argument Berkeley DB 3.X method
DB_FUNC_CLOSE db_env_set_func_close
DB_FUNC_DIRFREE db_env_set_func_dirfree
DB_FUNC_DIRLIST db_env_set_func_dirlist
DB_FUNC_EXISTS db_env_set_func_exists
DB_FUNC_FREE db_env_set_func_free
DB_FUNC_FSYNC db_env_set_func_fsync
DB_FUNC_IOINFO db_env_set_func_ioinfo
DB_FUNC_MALLOC db_env_set_func_malloc
DB_FUNC_MAP dbenv_set_func_map
DB_FUNC_OPEN db_env_set_func_open
DB_FUNC_READ db_env_set_func_read
DB_FUNC_REALLOC db_env_set_func_realloc
DB_FUNC_RUNLINK The DB_FUNC_RUNLINK functionality has been removed from the Berkeley DB 3.0 release, and should be removed from the application.
DB_FUNC_SEEK db_env_set_func_seek
DB_FUNC_SLEEP db_env_set_func_sleep
DB_FUNC_UNLINK db_env_set_func_unlink
DB_FUNC_UNMAP dbenv_set_func_unmap
DB_FUNC_WRITE db_env_set_func_write
DB_FUNC_YIELD db_env_set_func_yield