Chapter 44. Upgrading Berkeley DB 4.6 applications to Berkeley DB 4.7

Table of Contents

Release 4.7: Introduction
Release 4.7: Run-time configuration
Release 4.7: Replication API
Release 4.7: Tcl API
Release 4.7: DB_ENV->set_intermediate_dir
Release 4.7: Log configuration
Release 4.7: Upgrade Requirements
Berkeley DB 4.7.25 Change Log
Database or Log File On-Disk Format Changes:
New Features:
Database Environment Changes:
Concurrent Data Store Changes:
General Access Method Changes:
Btree Access Method Changes:
Hash Access Method Changes:
Queue Access Method Changes:
Recno Access Method Changes:
C-specific API Changes:
Java-specific API Changes:
Direct Persistence Layer (DPL), Bindings and Collections API:
Tcl-specific API Changes:
RPC-specific Client/Server Changes:
Replication Changes:
XA Resource Manager Changes:
Locking Subsystem Changes:
Logging Subsystem Changes:
Memory Pool Subsystem Changes:
Mutex Subsystem Changes:
Transaction Subsystem Changes:
Utility Changes:
Configuration, Documentation, Sample Application, Portability and Build Changes:

Release 4.7: Introduction

The following pages describe how to upgrade applications coded against the Berkeley DB 4.6 release interfaces to the Berkeley DB 4.7 release interfaces. This information does not describe how to upgrade Berkeley DB 1.85 release applications.