Chapter 12. Administering Berkeley DB Java Edition Applications

Table of Contents

The JE Properties File
Managing the Background Threads
The Cleaner Thread
The Checkpointer Thread
Sizing the Cache
Setting Disk Thresholds
The Command Line Tools
Managing Logging Levels
Managing Handler Levels

There are a series of tools and parameters of interest to the administrator of a Berkeley DB Java Edition database. These tools and parameters are useful for tuning your JE database's behavior once it is in a production setting, and they are described here. This chapter, however, does not describe backing up and restoring your JE databases. See Backing up and Restoring Berkeley DB Java Edition Applications for information on how to perform those procedures.

The JE Properties File

JE applications can be controlled through a Java properties file. This file must be placed in your environment home directory and it must be named

The parameters set in this file take precedence over the configuration behavior coded into the JE application by your application developers.

Usually you will use this file to control the behavior of JE's background threads, and to control the size of your in-memory cache. These topics, and the properties parameters related to them, are described in this chapter. Beyond the properties described here, there are other properties identified throughout this manual that may be of interest to you. However, the definitive identification of all the property parameters available to you is described in the javadoc for the EnvironmentConfig class. Each property has a String constant in EnvironmentConfig that describes its meaning, default value, and so forth.