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Oracle® Communications Converged Application Server Administration Guide
Release 5.0

Part Number E17647-03
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Part I Configuring Converged Application Server

1 Overview of the Converged Application Server Architecture

2 Overview of Converged Application Server Configuration and Management

3 Configuring SIP Data Tier Partitions and Replicas

4 Provisioning Users With Sash

5 Storing Long-Lived Call State Data in an RDBMS

6 Configuring Geographically-Redundant Installations

7 Using the Engine Tier Cache

8 Configuring Engine Tier Container Properties

9 Improving Failover Performance for Physical Network Failures

10 Upgrading WebLogic SIP Server 3.x to Converged Application Server 4.0

11 Upgrading From Converged Application Server Release 4.0 to Converged Application Server Release 5.0

12 Tuning JVM Garbage Collection for Production Deployments

13 Avoiding JVM Delays Caused By Random Number Generation

Part II Converged Application Server Operations

14 Starting and Stopping Servers

15 Configuring SNMP

16 Using the WebLogic Server Diagnostic Framework (WLDF)

17 Logging SIP Requests and Responses

18 Upgrading Deployed SIP Applications

19 Avoiding and Recovering From Server Failures

20 Upgrading Converged Application Server Software

Part III Configuring Network Resources

21 Managing Network Resources

22 Production Network Architectures and Configuration

23 Example Network Configuration

24 Configuring Diameter Client Nodes and Relay Agents

Part IV Configuring Converged Application Server Security

25 Overview of Security Features

26 Configuring Digest Authentication

27 Configuring Client-Cert Authentication

28 Configuring Identity Assertion for SIP Servlets

29 Configuring 3GPP HTTP Authentication Providers

Part V Converged Application Server Configuration File Reference

30 Engine Tier Configuration Reference (sipserver.xml)

31 SIP Data Tier Configuration Reference (datatier.xml)

32 Diameter Configuration Reference (diameter.xml)

33 Profile Service Provider Configuration Reference (profile.xml)

34 Startup Command Options