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Oracle® Communications Converged Application Server Installation Guide
Release 5.0

Part Number E17649-03
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1 Installation Overview

This chapter summarizes the tasks required to install and configure an installation of Oracle Communications Converged Application Server. Converged Application Server is built on Oracle WebLogic Server Release 11g Release 1. The procedures for installing Converged Application Server are similar to the procedures for installing WebLogic Server. This document describes information specific to Converged Application Server. For complete system planning information and installation instructions, refer to the WebLogic Server documentation.

Ensuring a Successful Installation

The Converged Application Server installation should be performed only by qualified personnel. You must be familiar with Oracle WebLogic Server and the operating system on which you are installing the software. You should be experienced with installing Java-related packages. It is recommended that the installation and configuration of the Oracle or MySQL database be performed by an experienced database administrator.

Follow these guidelines:

Installable Products

The Converged Application Server installation program installs the following products:

The installation program also allows you to selectively install one or more subcomponents of each of these product offerings. In addition, depending on your operating system platform, the installation program can also install the JRockit or Sun JDK.

Instructions for Windows and UNIX Operating Systems

In general, command syntax examples in this document are only provided for the UNIX operating system. If you are installing the Converged Application Server software on the Windows operating system, it is assumed that you are able to translate the UNIX examples to the equivalent commands and directory paths for Windows.

Installation Roadmap

Table 1-1 describes the high-level tasks that are required to install Converged Application Server. For information on installing WebLogic Server, refer to the Oracle Fusion Middleware Oracle WebLogic Server documentation set.

Table 1-1 Converged Application Server Product Installation Procedures

Task Description Documentation

Step 1 - Complete the installation planning requirements

Ensure that your system environment meets the requirements for the installation.

See Chapter 2, "System Requirements."

Step 2 - Obtain the appropriate installation file for your platform

There are several ways for you to download the software. The installer you use depends on your platform and the products you want to install.

See "Obtaining the Converged Application Server Software" in Chapter 3, "Pre-Installation Tasks."

Step 3 - Plan and configure a database for your Presence Server deployment.

Prior to installing and configuring the Presence Server software, you must install and configure either an Oracle or MySQL database for use as a JDBC data source.

Also determine your Oracle Middleware home directory, and product installation home directories

See "Database Planning for Converged Application Server" in Chapter 3, "Pre-Installation Tasks."

Step 4 - Install the software

Run the installation program in the desired installation mode. In each installation mode, you have the option to create a detailed installation log.

See Chapter 4, "Installing the Software."

Step 5 - Create a Presence Server domain

Use the Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard to create a Presence Server domain.

See "Creating a Converged Application Server Domain" in Chapter 5, "Post-Installation Tasks."

Step 6 - Test the Presence Server installation

Expand the Presence deployment by adding Managed Servers, deploying additional data sources to Managed Servers, and deploying Presence applications on servers and clusters.

See "Scaling the Converged Application Server Environment" in Chapter 5, "Post-Installation Tasks."