Interface SystemEventListenerHolder

All Known Implementing Classes:
ExceptionQueuedEventContext, HtmlColumn, HtmlCommandButton, HtmlCommandLink, HtmlDataTable, HtmlForm, HtmlGraphicImage, HtmlInputHidden, HtmlInputSecret, HtmlInputText, HtmlInputTextarea, HtmlMessage, HtmlMessages, HtmlOutcomeTargetButton, HtmlOutcomeTargetLink, HtmlOutputFormat, HtmlOutputLabel, HtmlOutputLink, HtmlOutputText, HtmlPanelGrid, HtmlPanelGroup, HtmlSelectBooleanCheckbox, HtmlSelectManyCheckbox, HtmlSelectManyListbox, HtmlSelectManyMenu, HtmlSelectOneListbox, HtmlSelectOneMenu, HtmlSelectOneRadio, UIColumn, UICommand, UIComponent, UIComponentBase, UIData, UIForm, UIGraphic, UIInput, UIMessage, UIMessages, UINamingContainer, UIOutcomeTarget, UIOutput, UIPanel, UIParameter, UISelectBoolean, UISelectItem, UISelectItems, UISelectMany, UISelectOne, UIViewParameter, UIViewRoot

public interface SystemEventListenerHolder

Classes that implement this interface agree to maintain a list of SystemEventListener instances for each kind of SystemEvent they can generate. This interface enables arbitrary Objects to act as the source for SystemEvent instances.

If the implementing class is a UIComponent or is referenced by a UIComponent, care must be taken to ensure that the implementing class, and all the members of the list returned by getListenersForEventClass(java.lang.Class) work correctly with the state management system. One way to ensure this is to have the class and the list members implement StateHolder or Serializable.


Method Summary
 List<SystemEventListener> getListenersForEventClass(Class<? extends SystemEvent> facesEventClass)

Method Detail


List<SystemEventListener> getListenersForEventClass(Class<? extends SystemEvent> facesEventClass)

Return a List of SystemEventListener instances that have been installed into the class implementing this interface.

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