Class ConfigureCompleteEvent


public class ConfigureCompleteEvent
extends TransitionEvent

A ConfigureCompleteEvent is posted when a Processor finishes Configuring. This occurs when a Processor moves from the Configuring state to the Configured state, or as an acknowledgement that the configure method was called and the Processor is already Configured.

JMF 2.0
See Also:
Processor, ControllerListener, TransitionEvent, Serialized Form

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Constructor Summary
ConfigureCompleteEvent(Controller processor, int previous, int current, int target)
          Construct a new ConfigureCompleteEvent.
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Constructor Detail


public ConfigureCompleteEvent(Controller processor,
                              int previous,
                              int current,
                              int target)
Construct a new ConfigureCompleteEvent.
processor - The Processor that is generating this event.
previous - The state that the Processor was in before this event.
current - The state that the Processor is in as a result of this event.
target - The state that the Processor is heading to.

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