Interface Duration

All Known Subinterfaces:
Controller, Demultiplexer, Player, Processor, Track
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public interface Duration

The Duration interface provides a way to determine the duration of the media being played by a media object. Media objects that expose a media duration implement this interface.

This is the JMF 1.0 Duration interface.

Field Summary
          Returned by getDuration.
          Returned by getDuration.
Method Summary
 Time getDuration()
          Get the duration of the media represented by this object.

Field Detail


public static final Time DURATION_UNBOUNDED
Returned by getDuration.


public static final Time DURATION_UNKNOWN
Returned by getDuration.
Method Detail


public Time getDuration()
Get the duration of the media represented by this object. The value returned is the media's duration when played at the default rate. If the duration can't be determined (for example, the media object is presenting live video) getDuration returns DURATION_UNKNOWN.
A Time object representing the duration or DURATION_UNKNOWN.

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