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public interface Renderer
extends PlugIn

A Renderer is a media processing unit that renders input media to a pre-defined destination, such as the screen or system speaker. It has one input and no outputs--rendering is the final stage of the media processing pipeline.

If a Renderer implements the Clock interface, it can be used by a Player as the master time base for synchronization. In this case, the Renderer should update the media time and time-base time as it processes the media.

JMF 2.0

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Method Summary
 Format[] getSupportedInputFormats()
          Lists the input formats supported by this Renderer.
 int process(Buffer buffer)
          Processes the data and renders it to the output device represented by this Renderer.
 Format setInputFormat(Format format)
          Sets the Format of the input data.
 void start()
          Initiates the rendering process.
 void stop()
          Halts the rendering process.
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Method Detail


public Format[] getSupportedInputFormats()
Lists the input formats supported by this Renderer.
An array of Format objects that represent the input formats supported by this Renderer.


public Format setInputFormat(Format format)
Sets the Format of the input data.
The Format that was set. This is typically the supported Format that most closely matches the specified Format. If possible, the format fields that were not specified are set to the preferred values in the returned Format. Returns null if the specified Format is not supported.


public void start()
Initiates the rendering process. When start is called, the renderer begins rendering any data available in its internal buffers.


public void stop()
Halts the rendering process.


public int process(Buffer buffer)
Processes the data and renders it to the output device represented by this Renderer.
BUFFER_PROCESSED_OK if the processing is successful. Other possible return codes are defined in PlugIn.
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