Class FPXDescriptor

All Implemented Interfaces:
OperationDescriptor, RegistryElementDescriptor, Serializable

public class FPXDescriptor
extends OperationDescriptorImpl

An OperationDescriptor describing the "FPX" operation. The "FPX" operation reads an image from a FlashPix stream.

The second parameter contains an instance of FPXDecodeParam to be used during the decoding. It may be set to null in order to perform default decoding, or equivalently may be omitted.

The classes in the package are not a committed part of the JAI API. Future releases of JAI will make use of new classes in their place. This class will change accordingly.

Resource List
Name Value
GlobalName FPX
LocalName FPX
Description Reads an image from a FlashPix stream.
Version 1.0
arg0Desc The SeekableStream to read from.
arg1Desc The FPXDecodeParam to use.

Parameter List
Name Class Type Default Value
param null

See Also:
SeekableStream, OperationDescriptor, Serialized Form

Field Summary
static Integer MAX_RESOLUTION
          Convenience name for the Max Resolution of an FPX image
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static RenderedOp create(SeekableStream stream, FPXDecodeParam param, RenderingHints hints)
          Reads an image from a FlashPix stream.
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Field Detail


public static final Integer MAX_RESOLUTION
Convenience name for the Max Resolution of an FPX image
Constructor Detail


public FPXDescriptor()
Method Detail


public static RenderedOp create(SeekableStream stream,
                                FPXDecodeParam param,
                                RenderingHints hints)
Reads an image from a FlashPix stream.

Creates a ParameterBlockJAI from all supplied arguments except hints and invokes JAI.create(String,ParameterBlock,RenderingHints).

stream - The SeekableStream to read from.
param - The FPXDecodeParam to use. May be null.
hints - The RenderingHints to use. May be null.
The RenderedOp destination.
IllegalArgumentException - if stream is null.
See Also:
JAI, ParameterBlockJAI, RenderedOp