Package javax.jmi.reflect

Interface Summary

Exception Summary
AlreadyExistsException Exception thrown by refCreateInstance and create methods when a client attempts to create the second instance of a singleton.
ClosureViolationException Exception thrown when Composition Closure or Reference Closure rules are violated.
CompositionCycleException Exception thrown when an instance object is a component of itself.
CompositionViolationException Exception thrown when an instance object is going to become owned by more than one element (in sense of aggregation semantics).
ConstraintViolationException Exception thrown when a constraint is violated.
DuplicateException Exception thrown when a collection passed to an operation parameter with isUnique set to true contains duplicate values.
InvalidCallException Thrown by reflection methods when client tries to call them incorrectly.
InvalidNameException Thrown when a user pases an invalid feature name to a reflective method.
InvalidObjectException Exception thrown when an object operation detects a non-existing (i.e.
JmiException Ancestor for all JMI exceptions thrown by reflective and generated methods.
RefException Superclass for exceptions modeled in MOF.
TypeMismatchException Thrown to indicate that provided parameter or element of collection is is of wrong type.
WrongSizeException Exception which arises when a collection contains fewer or more values than is required by the corresponding Multiplicity.lower and Multiplicity.upper.