Uses of Interface

Packages that use VariableResolver
javax.servlet.jsp Classes and interfaces for the Core JSP 2.0 API. 
javax.servlet.jsp.el Provides the ELResolver classes that define the object resolution rules that must be supported by a JSP container with the new unified Expression Language. 

Uses of VariableResolver in javax.servlet.jsp

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp that return VariableResolver
abstract  VariableResolver JspContext.getVariableResolver()
          Deprecated. As of JSP 2.1, replaced by ELContext.getELResolver(), which can be obtained by jspContext.getELContext().getELResolver().

Uses of VariableResolver in javax.servlet.jsp.el

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp.el with parameters of type VariableResolver
abstract  java.lang.Object ExpressionEvaluator.evaluate(java.lang.String expression, java.lang.Class expectedType, VariableResolver vResolver, FunctionMapper fMapper)
          Deprecated. Evaluates an expression.
abstract  java.lang.Object Expression.evaluate(VariableResolver vResolver)
          Deprecated. Evaluates an expression that was previously prepared.

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