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Packages that use JspFragment
javax.servlet.jsp.tagext Classes and interfaces for the definition of JavaServer Pages Tag Libraries. 

Uses of JspFragment in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext

Fields in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext declared as JspFragment
private  JspFragment SimpleTagSupport.jspBody
          The body of the tag.

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext that return JspFragment
protected  JspFragment SimpleTagSupport.getJspBody()
          Returns the body passed in by the container via setJspBody.

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext with parameters of type JspFragment
 void SimpleTagSupport.setJspBody(JspFragment jspBody)
          Stores the provided JspFragment.
 void SimpleTag.setJspBody(JspFragment jspBody)
          Provides the body of this tag as a JspFragment object, able to be invoked zero or more times by the tag handler.

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