Package org.xml.sax.helpers

SAX 2.0 r2 prerelease helper interfaces


Class Summary
AttributeListImpl Deprecated. This class implements a deprecated interface, AttributeList; that interface has been replaced by Attributes, which is implemented in the AttributesImpl helper class.
AttributesImpl Default implementation of the Attributes interface.
DefaultHandler Default base class for SAX2 event handlers.
LocatorImpl Provide an optional convenience implementation of Locator.
NamespaceSupport Encapsulate Namespace logic for use by SAX drivers.
ParserAdapter Adapt a SAX1 Parser as a SAX2 XMLReader.
ParserFactory Deprecated. This class works with the deprecated Parser interface.
XMLFilterImpl Base class for deriving an XML filter.
XMLReaderAdapter Adapt a SAX2 XMLReader as a SAX1 Parser.
XMLReaderFactory Factory for creating an XML reader.

Package org.xml.sax.helpers Description

SAX 2.0 r2 prerelease helper interfaces

This is a prerelease of a bugfix release for SAX2, the second generation of the Simple API for XML. For information, see docs/index.html.