JavaServer Faces (1_1_01)

The API Javadocs for the JavaServer TM Faces Specification.


javax.faces Top level classes for the JavaServer(tm) Faces API.
javax.faces.application APIs that are used to link an application's business logic objects to JavaServer Faces, as well as convenient pluggable mechanisms to manage the execution of an application that is based on JavaServer Faces.
javax.faces.component Fundamental APIs for user interface components.
javax.faces.component.html Specialized user interface component classes for HTML.
javax.faces.context Classes and interfaces defining per-request state information.
javax.faces.convert Contains classes and interfaces defining converters.
javax.faces.el Classes and interfaces for evaluating and processing reference expressions.
javax.faces.event Interfaces describing events and event listeners, and concrete event implementation classes.
javax.faces.lifecycle Classes and interfaces defining lifecycle management for the JavaServer Faces implementation.
javax.faces.model Standard model data beans for JavaServer Faces.
javax.faces.render Classes and interfaces defining the rendering model.
javax.faces.validator Interface defining the validator model, and concrete validator implementation classes.
javax.faces.webapp Classes required for integration of JavaServer Faces into web applications, including a standard servlet, base classes for JSP custom component tags, and concrete tag implementations for core tags.


The API Javadocs for the JavaServer Faces Specification. The Java Server Faces Specification is composed of:

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