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Class ContainerManagedServiceBeanBase

  extended by oracle.jbo.server.ejb.SessionBeanImpl
      extended by
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:, javax.ejb.EnterpriseBean, javax.ejb.SessionBean
Direct Known Subclasses:
ContainerManagedServiceBean, StatelessContainerManagedServiceBean

public class ContainerManagedServiceBeanBase
extends ServiceBean

BaseClass for deploying an appmodule service methods as session bean with container managed transaction. This class implements the javax.ejb.SessionSynchronization and TransactionHandlerFactory interface for associating the bean transaction with the bc4j transaction. The TransactionHandlerFactory allows this bean to plug in the TransactionHandler which in trun is notified of the transaction boundary callbacks received from the container via the SessionSynchronization interface.

It also provides the functionality to automatically acquire and release a jdbc connection at start and end of a the transaction.

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Field Summary
protected  ContainerManagedTxnHandlerImpl mHandler
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  TransactionHandlerFactory createTransactionHandlerFactory()
protected  boolean isTransactionManagedByBean()
protected  void postChanges()
          Posts the changes to the database when the transaction is about to be completed.
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Field Detail


protected transient ContainerManagedTxnHandlerImpl mHandler
Constructor Detail


public ContainerManagedServiceBeanBase()
Method Detail


protected final boolean isTransactionManagedByBean()
isTransactionManagedByBean in class SessionBeanImpl


protected void postChanges()
                    throws JboException
Posts the changes to the database when the transaction is about to be completed.

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protected TransactionHandlerFactory createTransactionHandlerFactory()
Specified by:
createTransactionHandlerFactory in class ServiceBean

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