A.1 Main Toolbar

The main toolbar is located at the top of the Oracle Reports Builder window, directly beneath the menu bar, as shown in Figure A-1:

The name and purpose of each button is as follows:

Icon Description
New button New button. Displays the New Report dialog box.
Open button Open button. Displays the Open dialog box.
Save button Save button. Saves the report. If you have not saved the report before, the Save As dialog box displays.
Print button Print button. Prints the paper report.
Mail button Mail button. Displays the Mail dialog box.
Connect button Connect button. Displays the Connect dialog box.
Cut button Cut button. Deletes the currently selected item and temporarily places it in the clipboard. Use Paste to paste the selected item.
Copy button Copy button. Temporarily places a copy of the selected item in the clipboard. Click the Paste button to paste the selected item.
Paste button Paste button. Pastes the item in the clipboard in current location of the cursor.
Undo button Undo button. Undoes the last action performed.
Redo button Redo button. Performs the last action again.
Run Web Layout button Run Web Layout button. Runs the current report to your Web browser.
Run Paper Layout button Run Paper Layout button. Runs the current report to the Paper Design view in Reports Builder.
Help button Help button. Displays the Oracle Reports online Help.