A.2 Data Model View Tool Palette

The Data Model view tool palette is a vertical group of tools located on the left-hand side of the Data Model view, as shown in Figure A-2.

Figure A-2 Data Model view tool palette

Description of Figure A-2 follows
Description of "Figure A-2 Data Model view tool palette"

The name and purpose of each tool is as follows:

Icon Description
Select tool Select tool. Deselects any selected tool to "turn off" the current tool, and allow you to select any object in the Data Model view.
Magnify tool Magnify tool. Zooms in the view on the clicked object. Hold down the SHIFT key when you click the Magnify tool to zoom out.
Summary Column tool Summary Column tool. Creates a summary column in the query.
Data Link tool Data Link tool. Creates a master-detail relationship between queries when you drag a line to define the relationship between the key columns in the two queries.
Formula Column tool Formula Column tool. Creates a formula column in the query.
Cross Product tool Cross Product tool. Creates a matrix (cross-product) group.
Placeholder Column tool Placeholder Column tool. Creates a placeholder column which you can modify later.
SQL Query tool SQL Query tool. Displays the SQL Query Statement dialog box where you can enter a SQL query SELECT statement or use Query Builder to create a query.
Ref Cursor Query tool Ref Cursor Query tool. Displays the PL/SQL Editor where you can type a REF CURSOR query.
XML Query tool XML Query tool. Displays the Define XML Query dialog box, where you can specify the XML data definition and data source.
JDBC Query tool JDBC Query tool. Displays the JDBC Query dialog box, where you can define the SQL or stored procedure to define the data for the query.
Text Query tool Text Query tool. Displays the Text Query dialog box, where you can specify a text data definition and data source.