A.3 Paper Layout View Tool Palette

The Paper Layout view tool palette is a vertical group of tools located on the left-hand side of the Paper Layout view, as shown in Figure A-3.

Figure A-3 Paper Layout view tool palette

Description of Figure A-3 follows
Description of "Figure A-3 Paper Layout view tool palette"

The name and purpose of each tool is as follows:

Icon Description
Select tool Select tool. Deselects any selected tool to "turn off" the current tool, and allow you to select any object in the Paper Layout view.
Magnify tool Magnify tool. Zooms in the view on the clicked object. Hold down the SHIFT key when you click the Magnify tool to zoom out.
Frame Select tool Frame Select tool. Selects all objects within the selected frame or repeating frame, depending upon their explicit anchors (first click the tool, then the frame).
Reshape tool Reshape tool. Enables you to reshape the selected objects.
Text tool Text tool. Creates a boilerplate text object.
Rotate tool Rotate tool. Enables you to rotate the direction of the selected boilerplate text and graphic objects.
Line tool Line tool. Draws a line boilerplate object.
Rectangle tool Rectangle tool. Draws a rectangle boilerplate object.
Arc tool Arc tool. Draws an arc boilerplate image.
Rounded Rectangle tool Rounded Rectangle tool. Draws a rounded rectangle boilerplate object.
Polyline tool Polyline tool. Draws an open multilined boilerplate object. Use your mouse to create the multiple lines.
Polygon tool Polygon tool. Draws a multisided boilerplate object. The object must be closed, unlike a polyline object.
Freehand tool Freehand tool. Draws a line where you drag your mouse.
Freehand tool Ellipse tool. Draws an ellipse boilerplate object.
Frame tool Frame tool. Draws a frame.
Repeating Frame tool Repeating Frame tool. Draws a repeating frame.
Graph tool Graph tool. Displays the Graph Wizard so that you can to define a graph that will be inserted into your layout.
Field tool Field tool. Creates a field object.
Anchor tool Anchor tool. Creates an anchor between two objects in your layout.
File Link tool File Link tool. Creates a link file object that you can use to link an external file to your report.
Report Block tool Report Block tool. Displays the Report Block wizard so that you can add a new report block to your layout.