Summary Wizard (ASM): Step 2 Analyze Folders dialog

Use this dialog to automatically analyze your database structure and recommend which summaries you need.

This dialog is also displayed as:

Summary Wizard: Step 2 dialog

For more information, see:

"Managing Summary Folders"

(Progress indicator)

Use this bar to monitor the progress of the database analysis. When analysis is in progress, the cube above the bar revolves.


Use this button to begin the folder analysis.

The first time this process is run, the analysis is based on default values. Any changes made to these values (through Advanced Settings) will be applied during subsequent folder analysis.


Use this button to resume folder analysis after you have stopped the process using the Stop button.


Use this button to pause the folder analysis.

  • To resume the folder analysis, use the Continue button.

  • To stop folder analysis, use the Cancel button.

Total folders in policy

This field displays the number of folders included in the ASM policy.

Folders analyzed

This field displays the number of folders in the ASM policy that have been analyzed.

Advanced Settings

Use this button to display the "Summary Wizard (ASM): Change default settings dialog: Analyze tab", where you can edit a range of default settings upon which folder analysis is based (known as the ASM Policy).


  • If you pause folder analysis, then change the ASM Policy, when you resume the process the new ASM Policy is used.