Summary Wizard (ASM): Recommended Summaries dialog

Use this dialog to look at which summaries Discoverer intends to use and change the included list if required. Discoverer might mark existing summaries for deletion when they fall outside the current ASM policy.

This dialog is also displayed as:

Recommended Summaries dialog

For more information, see:

"Managing Summary Folders"


Use this check box to include a recommended folder in the ASM summary creation/deletion process.


This field displays the action that will be carried out as part of the ASM process if the Include check box is selected.


This field displays the Discoverer folder name.

Existing space used

This field displays the amount of space currently being used for summary folders.

Total space required

This field displays the total amount of space that is needed for the recommended summary folders.


  • When you first display the Recommended Summaries dialog, the summary folders that Discoverer recommends for the allocated space are selected. So if you click the Finish button in the main wizard, the summary folders that are selected are either created or deleted, depending on whether Create or Delete is displayed in the Action field. You can change which summary folders are created (or deleted) by selecting or deselecting check boxes from the list of recommended summaries.

  • The right hand pane lists the currently selected summary folder components.

  • The total space required for the selected summaries is displayed underneath.

  • The method used to derive the figure for the Total space required from the list of recommended summaries is as follows:

    The amount of space required is totalled and displayed in the Total space required field. Where summary folders are to be deleted, the space that was used by the summary folders to be deleted is made available for use by one of the other summary folders listed. The effect is that the figure for the Total space required is reduced by the sum of the KB of any summary folders to be deleted.

  • Discoverer will not generate summary folder recommendations based on items from base folders that are defined as reach though enabled (for more information, see "What is complex folder reach through?").