Edit Hierarchy dialog: Items tab (select date items that will use this date hierarchy)

Use this dialog to specify which items in the business area use a defined hierarchy. For example, if you create a hierarchy: Year - Month - Week - Day, you might want to specify year, month, week, and day items here. When Discoverer users drill on these items, they can use this hierarchy in the drill path.

This dialog is also displayed as:

Hierarchy Wizard: Step 3 dialog

For more information, see:

"What are hierarchies?"

"How to create date hierarchies and templates"

Available Items

Use this drop down list to select a business area.

Select the items to use this hierarchy from the expandable list below.

To select items, move them from the Available Items list to the Selected Items list.

You can select more than one item by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking another item.

Selected items

This field displays the selected items that will use this hierarchy.

To select items, move them from the Available field to the Selected field.