Edit Hierarchy dialog: Items tab

Use this dialog to manage date hierarchies for use in Discoverer workbooks.

This dialog is also displayed as:

Hierarchy Wizard: Step 2 dialog

You can create a date hierarchy in one of two ways:

  • Create a custom format mask of your own (for more information, see the New Format button below).

  • Choosing from a set of predefined date format masks

For more information, see:

"What are hierarchies?"

"What are date items?"

"What are date format masks?"

Select date formats for the hierarchy

New Format

Use this button to display the "New Date Format dialog", where you can define a customized date format mask.

Note: This button is only displayed when you are creating a date hierarchy using the Hierarchy Wizard.


This editable field displays a brief description of the data format currently selected in the right hand pane.

(Format pane)

To use a predefined format, select from the items listed in the left hand pane and move them to the right hand pane.

You can select more than one item by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking another item.


Use this button to move the selected item up one level in the hierarchy.


Use this button to move the selected item down one level in the hierarchy.


Use this button to group the selected items at the same level in the hierarchy.


Use this button to ungroup previously grouped items to their previous levels in the hierarchy.