5 Setting Default Project Document Information



5.1 About Default Project Document Information

When you create a Web site in Designer, Site Studio generates an XML-based project file and checks it into the content server with certain metadata values. The default document information specifies which fields are automatically filled.

The default project document information is useful to make entering Web site sections easier and grouping them more usefully on the content server.

5.2 Setting Default Project Document Information

To enter the default project document information, perform these steps:

  1. Log in to the content server as an administrator.

  2. In the Administration section, select Site Studio Administration.

    The Site Studio Administration page is displayed (see "Site Studio Administration"). If you run Content Server in the Top Menus layout, you do not see this page. Instead, all administration options are then items in the Site Studio Administration menu.

  3. Click Set Default Project Document Information.

    The Set Default Project Document Information page is displayed (see "Set Default Project Document Information Page").

  4. Enter the information for the default values in the applicable fields. All required metadata fields have red-colored field labels. If a field does not need or should not have default information, you can leave it blank.

  5. Click Update (at the bottom of the page).