1 Introduction

Oracle® Enterprise Content Management (Oracle ECM) is a comprehensive suite of digital content management tools. These tools can be used across the enterprise to cohesively track, manage, and dispose of content whether written, in digital images, or as email.

This document provides an overview of the products included in Oracle ECM. It is divided into the following chapters:

Many of the products discussed in this document use other products to increase functionality and flexibility. For example, the Oracle Image and Process Management (Oracle I/PM) product integrates with Oracle Document Capture and Oracle Distributed Document Capture to convert physical documents into an electronic format that can be uploaded and used in Oracle I/PM.

Most of the products mentioned in this overview use Oracle Content Management Suite (Oracle UCM) to manage the files used in the product set. For example, Oracle Universal Records Management (URM) uses Oracle UCM as a repository for the files that are tracked and managed by the URM product.

Because of this interaction between products, it is recommended that you read this entire document to familiarize yourself with the entire product family available with ECM.

Detailed documentation is provided for all of the products discussed in this document as well as online help. In addition to the guides provided with the product, you can access information about product functionality with context-sensitive tooltips, quick help, and the help menu. Click the Help button where available on pages and screens to view context-sensitive help for that page or screen.