7.5 Checking In Your Rights Manually


By following this procedure, your rights will be checked in on servers where the Update Rights box is checked on the Servers tab of the Oracle IRM Desktop Options dialog. If there are servers that you do not want to check your rights into, uncheck the box on the Servers tab first.

You may need to check in your rights manually, for example:

  • when you want to move to another computer and continue to use sealed documents

  • after you have finished using sealed documents on a shared computer.

Use the following procedure to check in your rights manually:

  • Right-click the Oracle IRM icon in the Windows notification area (system tray) and select Check In.

    Alternatively, from the Windows Start menu, select Programs, then Oracle IRM Desktop, then Synchronization and Check In. Then, in the Oracle IRM Desktop Options dialog, select the Update Rights tab and select Check In.

    You will be prompted to provide your authentication credentials (user name and password). This information is required to identify whose rights are being checked in: the departing user's credentials must be provided, not those of an arriving user.