4.4 Saving Changes to Sealed Documents

This section covers the following topics:

4.4.1 About Saving Changes to Sealed Documents

If you have sufficient rights, you can save changes that you make to a sealed document.

It is very unlikely that you will have the right to edit a document but not the right to save changes. However, there are occasions when this might be the case. For example, you might have the right to change the values in a sealed Microsoft Excel worksheet so that you can plot charts for different scenarios and compare various projections, but you might not have the right to save changes to the worksheet.


When working with plain text files, be aware that any format changes or other operations you make that are not supported by the text file format will be lost when you save the file.

You may want to make changes to a sealed document but save the changes in an unsealed copy of the document. See Section 4.6, "Unsealing Sealed Documents".

4.4.2 Saving Changes to A Sealed Document


To save changes to a sealed document, you need the Reseal right. See Section 1.3, "About Rights".

Use the following procedure to save changes to a sealed document:

  • Use the Save or Save As options as usual.

To save a copy of a document that is shown within Internet Explorer (for example, a PDF document), use Internet Explorer's Save (or Save As) option.