9.1 List of Oracle IRM Fields


The fields listed in this section are for use only with content sealed against 11g versions of Oracle IRM Server. For content sealed against 10g versions of Oracle IRM Server, fields must continue to be inserted as described in the 10g user documentation. The former SealedMedia_ and OracleIRM_ name prefixes will continue to be recognized for the foreseeable future for use with 10g content.

The Oracle IRM solution supports a number of fields that you can add to documents before sealing them. When Oracle IRM Desktop opens a document that contains an Oracle IRM field, it transforms the field into the relevant item of information. A document can contain many Oracle IRM fields.

Typically, the following two fields provide a sufficient reminder of the sensitive nature of a document, and the user responsible for opening a specific copy:

  • irm-account-name

  • irm-classification-name

The complete list of Oracle IRM fields that you can consider using is as follows:

  • irm-time

    All fields that end with -time will show Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  • irm-time-local

    All fields that end with -time-local will show the local time, with the number of hours ahead or behind UTC included in parentheses.

  • irm-locale

  • irm-location

  • irm-mime

  • irm-extension

  • irm-account-uuid

  • irm-account-name

  • irm-creation-time

  • irm-creation-time-local

  • irm-edit-time

  • irm-edit-time-local

  • irm-schema-version

  • irm-classification-name

  • irm-classification-description

  • irm-classification-xml

  • irm-classification-keyset

  • irm-classification-system

  • irm-classification-time

  • irm-classification-time-local

  • irm-classification-uri

  • irm-host

  • irm-context-itemcode-value

  • irm-context-itemcode-time

  • irm-context-itemcode-time-local

  • irm-context-uuid