1.4 Installation Considerations

Oracle IRM Desktop installation is very simple, and does not ask users any questions that require specialist knowledge.

Oracle IRM Desktop is freely available from the Oracle IRM downloads area on the Oracle Technology Network web site. The Oracle IRM Desktop User's Guide (which covers installation of the software) is also available from the same location.

External users may receive an invitation to download the Oracle IRM Desktop software from a web page provided by the originator of a sealed document or email. This typically invokes the Oracle IRM download wizard hosted on the Oracle IRM download site, although the redirection to this site may not be apparent to the user.

To install the package, users need administrative privileges. They also require privileges to modify the registry.

If you are installing Oracle IRM Desktop on a server in a Citrix environment, you must use the Add & Remove Programs dialog of the Windows Control Panel, rather than run the installer simply by double-clicking it. If you are installing on a Citrix server farm, you need to install on each server. The Oracle IRM Desktop User's Guide (available from the Oracle IRM documentation download web site) describes the installation and use of Oracle IRM software in a Citrix environment.