4.1 Creating a Page Group

A page group is a collection of related pages and all the reusable objects that support those pages. Reusable objects include styles, templates, categories, perspectives, navigation pages, page types, item types, and custom object types. Every portal page belongs to a page group.


Page group administrators must have the global privilege Create on the object type All Page Groups to create page groups. Portal administrators automatically have these privileges and can create page groups.

To create a page group:

  1. Log in to Oracle Portal.

  2. Click the Build tab to bring it forward.

  3. In the Page Groups portlet, click the Create Page Group link.

    By default, the Page Groups portlet is located on the Build tab of the Portal Builder page.

  4. In the Display Name field, enter a Display Name to identify the page group to other users.

    Use up to 256 characters of any kind, except commas. When the Display Name contains one or more commas, it does not display properly in search-related page group selection boxes.

    Oracle Portal uses the Display Name in pick lists, such as the Page Group portlet's Work In drop-down list, page group maps, and other exposed places, such as the Portal Navigator.

    All newly-created page groups automatically contain a root page with the Display Name that you provided for the page group.


    In the Oracle Portal user interface, the asterisk (*) indicates a field that requires a value.

    For a summary of the rules governing the naming of objects in Oracle Portal, see Appendix D, "Object Naming Rules in Oracle Portal".

  5. From the Default Language list, choose the language in which to create the page group.

    This list contains all the languages installed for Oracle Portal. For information about installing another language, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Portal.

    The default language for a page group cannot be changed after the page group is created; however, you can make the page group available in other languages later by creating a translation. See Chapter 19, "Translating Portal Content".

  6. Click Create.

When you create a page group, you are automatically assigned as its administrator (that is, you are granted the page group privilege Manage All on the page group). You can assign a different page group administrator if desired. See Section 4.3, "Delegating Page Group Responsibilities".


For information about editing the properties of a Page Group's root page, see Section 6.9, "Editing Page Properties".